6 Best Magnesium Supplements For Muscles – Slim Trim Shape

Are you looking for the best magnesium supplements for your muscles? Magnesium is critical for the connection between the brain and body. This includes helping the muscles to contract, which is part of their normal function. So it’s critical to get enough magnesium whether it’s from food or supplements. They include pure magnesium and blends that pair the mineral with other substances.

Magnesium has many functions within the human body. So it’s critical to consider the benefits you want to get from the dietary supplements. For example, magnesium is required for muscle contractions. Magnesium might provide other benefits like lower blood pressure/sugar, decreased risk of heart disease, and better sleep quality.

You can all these health benefits and more from magnesium supplements. However, if you want muscle benefits there are certain supplements you should definitely consider over others. It’s important to know which brands are the best choices when picking a magnesium supplement for better muscle contractions.

What Is Magnesium?

This is a “metallic” chemical element that has several industrial uses. It’s also an important mineral in the human body. Magnesium is in the same group of elements like calcium. When shopping for magnesium supplements you should consider whether it’s paired with other minerals.

Fun Fact: British Chemist Sir Humphry Davy is usually credited with discovering magnesium during 1808. It’s believed that in fact Davy discovered a variant of the metal then later realized the element existed.  

Magnesium is found in chemical compounds with various other substances. That’s because it quickly blends with several substances. One example is high-magnesium saltwater. Several companies remove magnesium from seawater for several industrial applications.

Magnesium is mostly non-toxic. However, its dust/shavings could cause explosions. When magnesium is heated it can cause sparks in chemical reactions. So it’s important to protect the face with doing work with very hot magnesium.

Within the human body, mannerism is one of the most common elements and is within the top-5 elements. In fact, half the body’s magnesium is contained in bones. Magnesium is involved in many important chemical reactions.

In most cases, you can get enough of the mineral by consuming a healthy diet. However, if you consume too much you could have digestion problems. Meanwhile, a lack of magnesium could trigger muscle problems. Leafy greens are one of the top food sources of the mineral.

Magnesium is used for several industrial purposes since it’s very light yet strong. This makes it a practical option for alloys and especially for aerospace applications used by organizations like NASA.  

Some high-end vehicles also contain magnesium alloys. That’s because it can reduce the vehicle’s total weight. That makes it faster/efficient. Another key application is illumination products. In fact, this explains why chemistry teachers sometimes light up magnesium pieces to show the explosive properties of the element.  

Best Magnesium Supplements for Muscle

Magnesium Zinc Complex by Rootcha

This dietary supplement is designed for various functions. They include muscle recovery, immune system support, and improved sleep. The product contains no strong additives that could cause unwanted side-effects.

The product includes forms of magnesium/zinc that are absorbed easily by the body. This helps to avoid drops in absorption/efficiency. The product is also free of GMOs/gluten/dairy/soy.

Triple Magnesium by BioEmblem

This product provides 300mg of different nutrients like magnesium glycinate to boost muscle relaxation. It might also help with stress reduction, relaxation, and better sleep. This product is vegan and non-GMO.

The supplement boosts energy production and heart health. It’s related to hundreds of chemical reactions. The magnesium supports nutrient metabolism for the production of cell energy. This product

Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate by Doctor’s Best

This product can treat various conditions related to energy, cramps, and headaches. It’s vegan, gluten/soy/GMO-free. The product is absorbed by the body quickly It’s also easy to digest.

3-in-1 Magnesium Complex by Peak Performance

This product is easily absorbed by the body. The product includes 3 kinds of magnesium to provide the best results. This differs from most magnesium supplements with just 1 kind of mineral. This product includes multiple types for best results.

Magnesium Capsules by Life Extension

This product includes 100 vegetarian pills. It can help with energy processing and heart health. Magnesium is needed for 300+ chemical reactions. This product helps to prevent a lack of magnesium, which can cause various health issues.

Magnesium Broad Spectrum by Healthy Directions

This product is designed to lower blood pressure and boost blood flow. That’s because magnesium is important for heart/lung support and for good bone health. There are 4 kinds of magnesium so you get more benefits over other products.

The product is triple-tested for features like quality and safety. This provides you with the best product possible.

Top Health Benefits of Magnesium Supplements


Magnesium fights the effect of calcium, which competes with the minerals for heart contractions. While calcium stimulates heart muscles so they contract magnesium helps the cells relax. This helps people sustain a healthy heartbeat.  

When people have low magnesium levels the calcium might trigger muscle cells too much. This can cause fast/irregular heartbeats, which can become serious. There’s also a certain enzyme that causes electrical signals. It needs magnesium to work properly, so getting enough of the mineral is critical.


Magnesium is critical for sending/receiving signals between a person/s brain/body. It helps with issues like memory, learning, and brain development. Magnesium can help to prevent certain receptors from weak signals triggering them. This could cause your nerve cells to work when they shouldn’t.

Low magnesium levels cause the receptors to be blocked. This causes them to get triggered more than they need to be. This could lead to brain damage after nerve cells die.


Magnesium is critical for muscle contractions. This is an important body function and especially if you’re an athlete or weightlifter. In fact, the mineral also helps the heart to relax. In the same way, it functions as a calcium blocker so a person’s muscles can relax.

Here’s how it works. Calcium attaches to proteins in muscles. This changes the proteins’ shape, which causes muscle contraction. Magnesium battles calcium for the binding areas so you can relax muscles.

I the case your body lacks enough magnesium this can cause too many muscle contracts. That can result in spasms or cramps, which is a bad thing. This is why magnesium is often used as a muscle cramp treatment.

There have been mixed results about whether magnesium can help to reduce cramps. In fact, some studies show it produces no benefits through the best magnesium supplements.