Healthy Sources of Fat for the Ketogenic Diet – Slim Trim Shape

Losing weight is not easy especially if you are following a strict dietary plan like a ketogenic diet that demands a lot of fat intake. While you are in the ketogenic diet it’s a bit hard to find what food is a good source of fat and protein for your everyday energy need especially if you are new with this diet plan.

When you are in the ketogenic diet you need a lot of sources of fat your main source of energy. Though following keto diet doesn’t mean you need to consume too much fat all you need to do is to eat enough fat for your energy for a day that’s why it’s very important that you know what are the good source of fat for a keto diet.

Everything is challenging while you are in keto diet from what food you should avoid, from the food you should eat. The important thing in the keto diet is the quality of fat that you are eating.

Healthy Sources of Fat While in Keto

1. Olive oil

Olive oil can be a good source of fat because olive oil contains high monounsaturated fat and antioxidant. Olive oil is already used by Mediterranean people a long time ago and according to research olive oil can help to prevent heart disease.

2. Avocado Oil

Avocado is a fatty fruit and the oil from avocado can be one of the best and healthiest fat sources for a keto diet. Avocado is not just good for a smoothie but it is also good for cooking with vegetables.

3. MCT oil (Medium-chain triglyceride)

This type of fat uses the body immediately instead of storing it. You can get MCT oil from coconut and from animals. While you are in keto diet this is one of your options for healthy fat consumption.

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains good fat that suitable for those who are in a keto diet. Coconut can be used in baking, cooking and even use as medicine. Coconut oil gets hard when stored in cold temperatures but easily melt when it’s heated.

5. Butter

Butter is also a good choice of fat source if you are following a keto diet. Butter is a good source of vitamin C and carotene. But if you have lactose intolerance don’t consume or eat butter.

6. Ghee

Some people who are in trouble with butter they choose ghee. Ghee is a clarified butter literally made from butter that heated up and filtered to get rid of the trace of milk in it so that those people who are suffering from lactose intolerance still can enjoy butter.

7. Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia is fatty and its good source of fat while you are in a keto diet. You can use macadamia oil for cooking but you should use light heat. Like avocado oil, macadamia oil can help the body to energize while in a keto diet.

8. Lard

Lard is pig fat. Lard contains vitamin D. When you have leftover bacon do not throw it away it still useful and a good source of fat for keto diet. But be careful about consuming lard because it can affect your cholesterol level if you eat too much of it.

9. Fatty fish such as tuna and salmon

Fatty fish like tuna and salmon can be good sources of fat. Aside from fat fatty fish are abundant in omega 3 which is very helpful to our heart. But do not over-consume big fishes because is high in mercury.

10. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is composed of saturated acid and monounsaturated fats. Consuming cocoa butter cannot affect your cholesterol level.

11. Eggs

A lot of people don’t want to eat eggs while on a diet because it’s fatty and oily but in the keto diet egg is one of the best sources of fats. Eggs also a great source of retinol and vitamin A.

12. Whole milk

Milk provides a natural source of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Dairy fat can help cardiovascular problems. Milk is the best drink option especially to those people who are following a keto diet.

13. Chicken

Chicken contains fat and this fat is one of fat source for keto diet and chicken is rich with B vitamins, selenium, and phosphorus but do not eat too much chicken especially the skin part it can trigger allergies.

14. Walnuts

Walnuts are one of the popular nuts varieties around the world. It contains dietary fat which is good fat for the body it also contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

15. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are not only for flavoring but it is also good for those who are into a keto diet. Sesame seed is high in omega6-fats. Just consume a handful of sesame seeds to avoid health problems later on especially when you are not into keto diet anymore.

Unhealthy fats to avoid during keto diet:

  • Process and heated oil: Process and heated oil are generally not good for our health not only during keto diets it can cause chronic inflammation and it is one of the factors of activating cancer cells in the body.
  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils: This type of fats can be found in cookies, margarine, and crackers. It can high up the cholesterol level of the body.

Facts About Fats

While you are in a keto diet you should know how much fat you need during a day to avoid health problems. Only consume what you not how much you need want. Only stick to healthy fats that will help you to reach ketosis and will also maintain your ketosis level.

Did you know that:

  • There are two types of fats the good fats and bad fats
  • Fat is the main source of energy in a keto diet
  • Walnuts contain dietary fats
  • Fats from milk can help card vascular problem
  • Avocado is a fatty fruit

Eat high quality saturated fats from animals, fish, fruits, and vegetables while in ketosis to avoid health problems like high cholesterol level, fatty liver, and high blood pressure. Always be watchful on what you intake while you are in keto diet to have the positive result of the diet plan.