Best Probiotics For Weight Loss

Being familiar with the gut bacteria inside our stomach is the key to understanding how probiotics affect weight loss.

Probiotics For Weight Loss

For some, losing weight is a big challenge. For instance, you have to alter your big appetite as well as the kind of food you are once eating. Working out is tiring, and if you just admit it, continuing it when you just started is difficult.

Well, all these factors are necessary to achieve a healthy weight. But having a partner to help you with the routine of losing weight is much better than doing it alone. And I’m not talking about emotional support here, though that is very effective as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss probiotics and how it can assist you with weight loss. We’ll also run through the best probiotics for losing weight.

Probiotics and Gut Health

Probiotics can be defined as the live microorganisms found in fermented food or supplements. They have several health benefits associated with once eaten. This includes improving immune function, heart health, and digestive health. Additionally, probiotics can help an individual lose weight as well as reduce belly fats.

Being familiar with the gut bacteria inside our stomach is the key to understanding how probiotics affect weight loss.

The bacteria in our stomach is divided into two families namely Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. The former is the good bacteria, while the latter is the bad bacteria. The two are not in a feud. In fact, the two are necessary for a healthy gut. But these two bacteria should be in balance to achieve the gut health you are desiring.

What the Firmicutes does is extract the sugar and fat from the food we take. Therefore, you can conclude that most obese people have a greater portion of Firmicutes. Meanwhile, lean people have Bacteroidetes.

The idea to gain a healthy weight is to maximize the number of Bacteroidetes in your gut and minimize Firmicutes; plus modulate the flora as well in your gut.

How the Probiotics Work for Weight Loss

There is no exact explanation as to how the probiotics work to lose weight. However, there are many theories exist that somehow explain the possibilities of how the probiotics work.

In one theory, researchers suggest that probiotics block the absorption of fat. At the same time, probiotics are the one responsible for increasing the fat excretion through feces. The process reduces the body’s absorption of many calories.

Other studies suggested a different point of view, but the same theory of how the probiotic works to lose weight. The researchers said that probiotics can add GLP-1 secretion based on their study. GLP-1 is a hormone that boosts satiety. It also burns fats and boosts metabolism as well.

Best Probiotics for Weight Loss

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

The best probiotics for losing weight might be the L. rhamnosus, based on a study. However, in the study, it deemed more effective among women than men. Let’s find out how it happened.

One manufacturer of yogurt sponsored their strain to be used in the study, while the researchers who conducted it are from the Université Laval in Quebec. They used 125 participants who are composed of both men and women. These participants went on a 3 month diet and another 3 month of maintaining their body weight after diet. Significantly, the group who lost much weight are the women who are provided every day with probiotics from the family of L. rhamnosus. Compared to their female counterparts, they’ve lost as much as twice weight. The researchers also found out that men’s weight are not affected with probiotics.

Lactobacillus Gasseri

L. gasseri also comes from the family of Lactobacillus. Like L. rhamnosus, it is also effective in losing weight and belly fats, and it is best shown in one study. After 12 weeks of feeding participants with L. gasseri, 8.5% of their belly fats are gone.

Lactobacillus Amylovorus and Lactobacillus Fermentum

Lactobacillus family has a lot of members. L. amylovorus and L. fermentum are also part of it, and they promote weight loss like the previously mentioned probiotics.

In fact, in one particular study, yogurt, which includes L. fermentum and L. amylovorus, were supplied to the participants for 6 weeks. Significantly, after this period, their body fat reduced by 3% to 4%.

Probiotic Food

When it comes to promoting gut health and weight loss, probiotic supplements are not only your agent. Food containing probiotic is also good with this field as they have the ability to burn fats. Some example of food containing natural probiotics is probiotic yogurt, natto, kefir, tempeh, and kombucha.

Prebiotic Food

Yes. There is such a thing as a prebiotic food. These kind of food are plant fibers and they are responsible for feeding and energizing the Bacteroidetes in the body. In, other words, prebiotic food serves as the boosters of good bacteria in your gut. Doctor Axe explains that once these prebiotic food come in the colon, your gut microflora works in making them probiotics by simply fermenting them.

What Causes Bacterial Disruption?

When your body is being supplied with the best probiotic food and supplements, it brings balance with the bacteria in your gut. However, there are agents that can disrupt this balance. An example is the artificial sweeteners included in your food.

In one study, researchers use mice to found any bacterial change one provided with artificial sweeteners. Significantly, numerous types of gut bacteria change after they are fed with saccharin. Moreover, the good bacteria in the mice stomach decrease.

Comparing this result with the mice who are provided with sugar water, it was found that there are no negative changes in their gut.

However, there is no study conducted yet to prove the effect of artificial sweeteners against the gut bacteria of a human. Further evidence is still needed to prove a point.

Restoring Bacterial Balance

If you have a lot of antibiotic consumptions, chances are you lost the balance of the bacteria in your gut. It is because antibiotics kill bacteria. If you want to restore the balance inside your tummy, it requires taking probiotics.

So, it is safe that you ask your doctor about taking probiotics if he prescribed antibiotics. The probiotics simply protect your gut; plus it is the smartest way in promoting a healthy gut.

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