Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits – Slim Trim Shape

Essential oils are one of the most common supplements people can try out for better health, one of which is white sandalwood. But what are the possible health benefits and side effects of this essential oil? In this article, we look at what sandalwood essential oil is and its side effects and benefits. Read on to find out more!

People look for different ways to improve their overall health. More often than not, most individuals will go for the two (2) tried and tested formula of good health and this is exercise plus a healthy diet. However, there are times when these two (2) variables can be further enhanced by additional variables or factors. One such factor is the introduction of supplements to one’s already established routine.

Sandalwood Oil: A Brief Introduction

Sandalwood oil is a form of essential oil that acquired through the distillation of steam of the root of sandalwood and chipped heartwood. Some of the main producers of Sandalwood essential oil are Indonesia and India and for centuries, Sandalwood has been linked for its applications that are emotional and spiritual.

Sandalwood has a scientific name Santalum Album and comes from a tropical tree that is small which belongs to the family of trees known as Santalaceae which can grow up to 30 feet in height. For the tree to fully become mature, it will take around 30 years.  Once the tree reaches thirty (30) to forty (40) years or is fully grown, it usually gets uprooted. 

A sandalwood is a form of a tree that is parasitic. Its barks are red or black with flowers that are small and red and with fruits that are black.  It also sometimes referred to as white sandalwood due to its white heartwood. During its sapling stage, the tree will usually get its nutrients and water from the host plant.

Sandalwood has long since been an item of importance in the Silk route trade and there are even sculptures related to ancient religious activities where it is depicted that the said tree is used in palaces and temples.

Throughout the world, sandalwood is highly prized for the aroma it can provide. In the world’s eastern parts, particularly in India, this tree is considered quite sacred and is utilized in traditional medicine and in ceremonies associated with religious beliefs. In China and Tibet, Sandalwood is also used as a form of medicine.

Generally speaking, sandalwood has a number of beneficial properties such as being a compound that is sedative, restorative, regenerative, pectoral, nervine, hypotensive, hypnotic, emollient, diuretic, deodorant, cicatrizing, calmative, balsamic, astringent, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antidepressant, and antibacterial.

Some of the Top Benefits of White Sandalwood oil

Enumerated below are some of the top benefits fo white sandalwood oil:

White Sandalwood oil can help in skin rejuvenation

Thanks to the oil’s properties that are considered anti-inflammatory, it can help in the prevention of skin eruptions, skin allergies, eczema, spots, scars, and skin blemishes. The oil also has properties that are astringent which can help in toning the skin and give it a glow that is flawless.

The oil can also act as an agent that is cicatrizing and can help naturally relax the skin. Regardless if you have oily skin or dry skin, white sandalwood can be extremely handy in addressing various skin issues or concerns.

White Sandalwood oil can help in the prevention of aging that is premature

The aging process is natural and cannot be prevented indefinitely. Our genes and our overall health also contribute to how slow or how fast the aging process occurs for us and our bodies.  Certain medical concerns and health problems can be determining factors in how one’s skin will look. In fact, constipation that is chronic can already result in damage to the skin and make individuals look and feel old.

On top of this, the appearance of symptoms related to old age can also take its tolls such as loosening the skin, patches in the skin, dark circles, and wrinkles. To address the negative effects of the aging process, an approach that is holistic is needed and this will require improved sleep, better diet, and less stressful lifestyles. To deal with stress, people can turn to essential oils such as white sandalwood oil.

White Sandalwood Oil can aid in easing legs that are heavy

For individuals who may feel like their legs are heavy, stiff, and tired, then rest assured that you are not suffering this fate on your own. In fact, a number of women reported that they have issues with heavy legs due to issues with their blood circulation.

However, applying white sandalwood oil can help improve blood circulation and relax the skin. Regularly inhaling the aroma can also help individuals stay calm and relaxed. 

White Sandalwood oil can help address infections of the vaginal tract

The Vagina can provide microorganisms with the right kind of environment to thrive in. However, once an imbalance occurs, then the number of microorganisms can increase leading to infections of the vagina.  Essential oils such as White Sandalwood oil can be used together with other traditional forms of medications to address the said health condition. In fact, white sandalwood oil has been observed to treat inflammation of the vagina and the treatment of vaginal infection as well. 

White Sandalwood oil has been shown to manage blood pressure levels

Sandalwood oil has compounds that are hypotensive meaning that it helps better manage blood pressure and lower hypertension. Stress and anxiety are some of the major contributing factors to high blood pressure.  Consuming the aforementioned oil via beverages or food items can lead to better regulation of the blood.

Of course, to maintain good blood pressure levels, it is important that individuals observe the regular exercise, a proper and healthy diet, and an overall good lifestyle. All of these things can be made much easier with Sandalwood Oil as the oil can help put your mind at ease, calm your nerves, and help one get better quality and quantity of sleep.

Possible Side Effects of Sandalwood oil

If taken orally, Sandalwood oil can lead to an upset stomach, nausea, itching, and even kidney damage if used for long periods.