3 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair – Slim Trim Shape

Are you tired of dealing with oily hair? Fun Fact: Studies show that most people have hair that’s dry in some areas and greasy in others. If you have oily hair it’s quite common like dry hair so it’s not something to lose any sleep (or hair) about. The key is to figure out the main cause of the condition. For example, in some cases, genetics is the main cause of greasy hair, and in other cases, it’s related to other factors like hair care products and treatments that are causing the problem. Like other health issues once you find out what’s causing the oily hair you can then deal with the problem as effectively as possible. You can’t truly figure out how to get rid of greasy hair until you define what it is and what’s causing it.

The good news is there are various home remedies you can use if you have oily hair. You won’t have to spend tons of money on expensive medical procedures and prescription medicines. In some cases, you might need a prescription-strength product if you have a serious condition. However, in other situations, you can just use DIY treatments with natural ingredients that are mild/gentle and won’t trigger unwanted side-effects.

What Causes Oily Hair?

This is the first key question to take up before talking about solutions for the hair condition. Genetics is one of the possible causes of dry/oily hair. So if your family tends to have either hair type then there’s a chance you might too.

That said, this isn’t an exact science. For example, sometimes certain traits like hair types skip a generation. So it’s better to deal with the “environmental” causes of greasy hair. These are more manageable and easier to pinpoint.

You should think about consulting a medical/haircare expert to help figure out the root cause of the problem. There’s a lot of info on the web but not all of it is relative. An industry expert will have the know-how and experience to help you figure out what’s causing your hair to be oily/greasy.

However, in most cases, there are a couple of main causes that are triggering the condition. They include bad haircare products/methods and scalp conditions. It all starts with an understanding of what causes the problem.

Oily hair happens then the glands close to the hair follicles make too much oil. Many people with this hair type want to ditch it. That’s because it can cause the hair texture to be odd and can cause the strands to be weak/thin.

People often link hair type to genetics/hormones. However, the good news is you can take several steps to help make hair less greasy. There are various products/methods you can use since the haircare industry is big business. Fun Fact: The global hair care industry is valued at about $88 billion (2018).

The key is to do some experimentation. A product or technique that works for one person might not work for another person. The key is to try this and that option until you find out what works best.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

Shampooing techniques

We often focus on how often we shampoo instead of how we do it. First, work a little shampoo into the hair’s roots/scalp. Make sure not to use your fingertips instead of your nails since this could damage the scalp.

Make sure not to rub your scalp too roughly. The reason is that it could cause scalp irritation. That, in turn, could produce more oils, which is what you’re trying to avoid.

Wash hair more often

If you have this kind of hair type you should consider shampooing your hair a maximum of once per day. This will help to remove extra oil and other stuff that’s left on the scalp.

Make sure not to overdo it though. The reason is that this could cause the opposite result and make your hair overly dry. While you’ll want to remove oils the key is not to remove too much because your hair needs a certain amount for good health.

Rinse correctly

Make sure to take another 1-2 minutes to make sure you get all hair care products out of your strands when you’re cleaning your hair/scalp. This can help to make the hair look/feel less greasy. On the other hand, when gunk is left in the hair it can look/feel oily and even cause it to get itchy.

Clean hair brushes

This seems like a case of stating the obvious. However, many people fail to take this basic step. The problem is when you brush your hair the bristles are picking up lots of stuff like oils, gels, sprays, and other gunk that’s in your hair at the time.

Make sure to clean your brush right after using it. You can use a gentle soap to get rid of all the buildup. You should take this step after every brushing. This will help to keep the brush dirt/oil-free, which will make it more effective when you use it.

More Ways to Treat Oily Hair

Be gentle on hair

This is important whether you’re brushing, washing, or styling. Even if you’re scratching your head it’s something you should do. Make sure to do these actions gently. The reason is it can help to prevent scalp irritation. That, in turn, can help to avoid an overproduction of oil by the glands. That’s something to avoid since it can produce even more oil.

Avoid heat/chemicals

One option is to go natural and avoid stuff like blow dryers and curling irons. They can help provide your hair with the texture you want. However, another problem is they can also cause your hair to become oily faster.

Use dry shampoo

This might not sound like a good idea but it’s a good option if you have oily hair. This isn’t as good as a wet wash with lots of suds. However, it can help to remove oils and make hair look/feel cleaner. You can also add a pleasant scent. Make sure to use regular shampoo the next day.

Avoid silicone products

There are various reasons why you should do this. Make sure to avoid all hair care products, including shampoos, creams, conditions, and styling products. The goal of these products is to make hair smoother/shinier.

A drawback is it can cause hair to look greasier. Various silicones can cause hair buildup and cause it to look heavy/dirty. These are situations you’ll want to avoid.

Another problem with silicones is they can also help to keep moisture outside your locks. You can enjoy healthier hair roots by avoiding all silicone products and any ingredients that end with “-cone.”

Air dry hair

There are a few steps to take you can let your hair dry naturally. This provides various benefits. You can avoid damage from heat. You’ll also reduce how often you’ll need to shampoo hair after learning how to get rid of greasy hair.