Anti-Aging Supplements — Is It Real Or Just A Myth?| Slim Trim Shape

You will go through many transitions and changes in life. One of them is growing old. This particular transition comes with many twists and turns. There will be changes you would like, and some that you don’t. Also, when it comes to aging, one man’s food is another man’s poison. For instance, some people prefer to have grey hair, while some others want their hair to remain jet black. But then, there are some changes that almost everyone prefers not to see. Skin wrinkling is one of such. Another one is lower energy and strength levels. That’s why many manufacturers tout their anti-aging supplements as the perfect products to either prevent or slow aging.

To be honest, people do a lot of things in a bid to maintain their youthful strength, vigor, and energy levels. People have tried many anti-aging tips feelings to improve their wellness and health. Talk about vitamin supplements, antioxidants, various minerals, and what have you. Many of these ‘miracle’ products don’t quite do the work they promise. But that does not mean that there are no effective supplements. There are indeed some. They would halt the tracks of aging and sustain your vigor and strength way into old age. Many people are in search of these useful products. And many companies are ready to scam them. So we have come to shed light on this topic. What are the myths and truths about anti-aging supplements? Let’s dive right into it.

Anti-aging Supplements That Work

Antioxidants now have a very reputable status in today’s society. Many people buy these over-the-counter supplements hoping to find a miracle cure for aging. And to be honest, antioxidants are very beneficial and healthy. However, the truth remains that the products containing these antioxidants may not be that healthy and helpful.

Antioxidants are your body’s remedial officers against aging agents, namely free radicals. They prevent these aging agents from causing damage to your skin cells, as well as in other body parts.

Free radicals may be the villains. But then, they come from normal processes in your body. But then, some extra free radicals can come from exposure to sunlight, as well as other toxic factors in the environment. Some of these toxic factors include smoking, among many others.

Anti-aging experts tell us that while there may be many helpful antioxidants, not all of them can deliver results when packed into supplements. This is because these helpful antioxidants may not be adequately absorbed in all cases. However, three antioxidants seem to stand out.

Experts say these 3 antioxidants are effective for improving skin health. They reduce wrinkles and fine lines very effectively. These antioxidants include two vitamins and one mineral. They include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium

These antioxidants can fight off the free radicals in your body. They checkmate these harmful compounds and prevent them from damaging your health. But then, you don’t have to take supplements before you get these nutrients.

The best place to get antioxidants is dietary sources. These sources include nutritionally-dense foods, such as lean proteins, veggies, and fruits.

But if your diet seems inadequate, you can get the nutrients from high-quality multivitamin anti-aging supplements. They will increase your nutrient supply and, in turn, help to improve your health and energy level naturally.

Well, before taking any supplements, you should ask your doctor’s opinion. He is in a better place to tell you if what you think would help is just another myth or it’s indeed going to be effective.

Effective Anti-Aging Vitamins

1. Vitamin E

Many experts say that vitamin E is the most vital of all antioxidants. It protects your cell membranes, as well as prevents the depletion of the associated enzymes that sustain them. You can get vitamin E from natural sources, such as vegetable oils, dairy products, oats, grains, and nuts.

New studies suggest that vitamin E can help to inactivate the free radicals in your body. This would make them less harmful and reduce their ability to cause health damage. Many other studies show that topical application of vitamin E is very effective.

Vitamin E reduces damage from sun exposure, as well as that of cancer-causing cells. For additional protection from sunlight, you can take vitamin E supplements. With only 400mg of vitamin E daily, you can reduce wrinkles and photo-damage, as well as improve your skin texture.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C may not be as vital as Vitamin E. But it is more common than any other antioxidant. You can get them from citrus fruits and various veggies. It repairs free radicals, as well as prevents them from causing cancer. These slow the pace of aging.

There is no other antioxidant as prevalent as vitamin C in the human skin. So the main target of vitamin C supplements is your skin. Anyways, the organ most affected by environmental stressors is your skin. So you can find great help in vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C supplements prevent damage from environmental pollution, sun exposure, and smoking. These pollutants rob your body of nutrients, including vitamin C. UV exposure, for instance, can decrease your skin levels of vitamin C by about 30 percent.

Add other pollutants, and you get about a 55 percent decrease. So when you fortify your skin with vitamin C supplements, you keep up against the depletion. This, in turn, keeps your skin healthy and very radiant.

The Effective Anti-aging Mineral, Selenium

Selenium helps to protect your body from cancer. These include skin cancer from sun exposure. It also helps to preserve tissue elasticity. It also slows tissue hardening and aging as a result of oxidation.

Dietary sources that can give you selenium include whole-grain cereals, eggs, seafood, and garlic. Recent studies suggest that oral selenium supplements, as well as the topical application, can protect from UV damage, as well as other aging agents.

If you get effective anti-aging supplements, they will help you fight off free radicals. Some of these supplements would also stimulate the natural production of collagen in your skin. But ineffective anti-aging products will deliver no results regardless of their alluring promises.