Prune Juice: What Are Its Health Benefits | Slim Trim Shape

Prune juice is a popular drink especially since it is readily available. You go to any grocery store and there’s a bottle of prune juice just waiting for you. But more than the practicality of it all, the main thing is that you can gain access to multiple health benefits just by including prune juice in your diet. Here are some prune juice benefits that you can enjoy.

All about prune juice

Before tackling prune juice benefits, it would be best to understand what it is all about. Prune juice is sourced from dried plums which are also known as prunes. Prunes are interesting because even if they are sweet and have high sugar content, they do not cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Also, prunes are a natural source of energy and fiber. All these you can enjoy in one glass of prune juice.

Juicing a prune

This is another interesting fun fact about prune that will make you, even more, appreciate all the prune juice benefits you are about to enjoy. Unlike other fruit beverages which are results of fresh fruit squeezing, prune juice is from the water extract of dried fruit. You basically rehydrate the dried prunes by boiling it. That is how you get the extract which then undergoes several other processes before it is bottled up for selling or directly served if it is homemade.

Prune juice contents

You might find it interesting that some prune juices contain a tinge of lemon, lime, or any other citric acid. This is still considered prune juice according to the FDA and USDA which defines prune juice as “water extract from properly dried, matured, sound, wholesome, whole prunes.” And one more thing, while plums and prunes are different, the California Prune Board gained the permission of the FDA to use dried plums and prunes interchangeably because the latter was viewed as a power laxative by the public so much so that prunes were associated with bowel movement. The word “plum” according to the Board made their products seemingly more palatable. However, prune juice remained as prune juice and was never called dried plum juice.

Prune juice benefits

It is about time to erase the unfair association between prunes and bodily excretions. While yes, it is a natural laxative, it offers so many benefits if you can go past the negative view of this awesome fruit beverage. Here are some prune juice benefits that have been enjoyed by many people throughout the years:

  • Natural laxative and slimming function. One cup every morning will definitely help. You can also take another cup an hour after a heavy meal. High fiber in prune juice really does wonders for digestion.
  • Satiation. This is yet another prune juice benefit that helps in achieving healthy weight goals. Prune juice offers the feeling of satiation which lessens cravings. This, in turn, decreases food intake. It is not meant to replace food. Drink prune juice alongside a healthy diet.
  • Liver health. Prune juice keeps harmful chemicals that could harm the liver at bay.
  • Blood pressure regulation. One of the many prune juice benefits is preventing high blood pressure. This is because of the potassium found in the prune juice which regulates sodium in the bloodstream. High sodium could lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, and other heart and circulation problems.
  • Treatment for various conditions. Prune juice has been used as a treatment for diabetes, constipation, jaundice, and fever.
  • Bone strength enhancement. Dried plums are known to help preserve and enhance bone mineral density. Prune juice intake is also known to prevent bone loss among women post-menopause.

Word of Caution

Just because there are many prune juice benefits to enjoy does not mean that one can just use it without limit. Here are some risks that you should take note of:

  • It is high in calories so make sure you are taking enough for the day.
  • Going overboard can potentially give you the runs. Take an adequate amount as suggested.
  • Remember, dried plums have high sugar content. Do not take in excess.

Prune juice definitely offers a variety of benefits that you can enjoy. By incorporating it into your diet, you can gain access to all these awesome prune juice benefits. Just make sure you are taking the right amount that will go well with your health and dietary considerations.