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In recent years colon cleansing diets have been trending. Basic colon cleanse can cost around $100. Besides the cost, there are other drawbacks of medical procedures and strong chemicals including unwanted side-effects. If you’re looking for the best colon cleanse, you should consider DIY options. It is more convenient since you won’t have to spend extra time, effort, and money needed for a medical procedure, for example. A homemade cleanse is as easy as consuming a blend of different ingredients like apple cider vinegar (ACV), finger, and chia/flax seeds. These are easy natural colon cleanses to make since they include ingredients you can easily find at the local supermarket.

There’s some debate about whether or not these cleanses are needed. For example, it’s sometimes argued that the colon does natural cleanses, so a special cleanse isn’t required. That would seem to eliminate the need for various trending cleanses, including bone broth, ACV, and lemon juice. However, there’s some debate about this issue. Another X-factor is a cleanse is sometimes required when you’ve been consuming lots of unhealthy food/beverages. They include lots of iodized salt, white sugar, unhealthy fat, and drinks like alcohol and sodas.

What Exactly Is a Colon Cleanse?

Natural colon cleansing dates back thousands of years to ancient Greece. Today, colon cleanses have been trending in recent years. Fun Fact: The colon is another name for the large intestine, while the small intestine is also known as the “small bowel.”

In the early 1990s, these cleanse were also popular. The reason they stopped trending was there didn’t seem to be any strong proof that they were needed.

Today colon cleanses are back in different forms like teas, juices, and enzymes. There are various options including bone broth, which is made by simmering animal bones for up to 48 hours. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is popular as a folk remedy for various functions including colon cleanse. There are several other options.

One reason there’s a lot of debate about colon cleanses are few scientific studies have been done There isn’t much strong scientific/medical proof that these cleanses offer many health benefits. Another possible issue is they can also cause side-effects that can sometimes be serious.

One traditional method for colon cleansing is having a medical procedure done. The fancy name for this procedure is colon irrigation. These machines were invented about a century ago. They work like enemas but include more water.

The function of this procedure is to remove all waste/fluids from the body. The process lasts for up to one hour and might have been done multiple times.

The process can include different water pressures/temperatures. Sometimes stuff is added to the water, including coffee, herbs, and friendly germs known as probiotics. They are found in foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso soup.

Another option is liquid/powdered supplements. The goal is still to remove the colon’s contents. These products are found at supermarkets, drugstores, health stores, and online retailers like Amazon.  

These products often don’t require a prescription. However, you should still consult your doctor about the possible side-effects.

Best Colon Cleanses: Homemade Treatments


These foods have been trending in recent years in low-carb diets like Keto and Atkins. They’re high in protein, vitamins/minerals, and fiber. You can grind up the seeds then add to water. Other options include the chia pudding, Greek, yogurt, and vegetable salads.


This anti-bacterial herb can help with digestion. You can also add it to foods or juice. There are various options for body detox, including ginger juice/honey. Make a mixture with warm water and drink it 2x daily. You can also make a smoothie with ginger and other healthy ingredients.

High-Fiber Foods 

It is a good option to help get rid of wastes/toxins from the body. You have lots of options like whole wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and beans/peas. Other high-fiber foods include figs, berries, and Brussels sprouts.


This is one of the most basic yet most effective methods for colon cleanses. Fun Fact: The human body is up to two-thirds of water. It is recommended that people drink 3 liters of water/day for anti-aging benefits. You can also eat high-water foods.


The best options are homemade juices/smoothies so you can get the most nutrients. It’s important to use juices/smoothies moderately since there are possible side-effects of long-term juicing. Options include carrot/beet/green juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Bragg’s ACV is probably the most well-known product on the market. It includes a blend of distilled apple juice and vinegar for lots of vitamins and antioxidants. The fermenting process produces “friendly” bacteria that are believed to improve digestion. You can mix ACV with other ingredients like honey.

Lemon Juice 

This one has been trending as a detox drink in recent years. The citric fruit is loaded with nutrients including Vitamin C. Besides plain lemon juice you can also combine it with apple/ginger juice to amp up the cleansing power.

Top Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Energy Boost 

When you get rid of body toxins, this boosts your body’s energy levels. The reason is it shifts energy usually used for moving waste in the small/large intestine. People who have colon cleanses often claim that they have benefits like better sleep, blood circulation, and energy levels.


One of the main benefits of body cleanses is that they help to prevent constipation. Severe constipation can affect the digestive system and make it work less effectively. That causes waste to stay in the system longer. In turn, that results in more health conditions like hemorrhoids that you’ll want to avoid.

Weight Loss 

Low-fiber foods move at one-quarter of the speed versus high-fiber foods. It makes extra mucus that sticks to the intestines’ walls. It causes the intestines to work harder because there’s more stuff to process.

Meanwhile, colon cleansing can help to boost weight loss. Some programs claim they can cause 20 pounds of weight loss in one month. A quality body detox can boost metabolism and produce weight loss. It can also help you to focus on eating whole foods and healthy choices.

Mental Focus 

It might be a surprising benefit. When you have an unhealthy diet and lower vitamin absorption, it can result in a loss of focus. Toxin buildup in the colon can keep the body from getting the nutrients it needs. It can also affect the vital organ’s function.

Nutrient Absorption 

A colon cleanses only allows water, nutrients (vitamins/minerals) to get absorbed into the blood. It makes it easier for nutrients to get into the body and provides several health benefits.

Digestive System

When there’s less waste in the digestive system, it allows the colon and other organs to work more effectively. It also helps the body to absorb nutrients better. When you do a colon detox, it allows waste to move through the system easily using the best colon cleanse.