7 Best Matcha Powders You Can Try – Slim Trim Shape

If you are craving for some more matcha in your life, these best matcha powders are the top picks to go for. First, let us reacquaint with matcha. Matcha would be this finely-milled type of green tea. It is Japan’s staple ingredient for traditional tea ceremonies during the 12th century. Popularity rose more recently within the last 100 years due to its matcha’s visual appeal, health advantages, and of course, its distinct flavor. Matcha tea is green tea leaves that have gone through processing and were stone-ground to make delicate powder. This powder will then be sifted then whisked alongside hot water. Due to the time-consuming process needed to make matcha, this tea becomes generally more pricey when compared to other teas.

Matcha leaves usually are grown in several places. Milling these tea leaves to make very fine powder then whisking it in the water started in China within the 10th century time period. However, the very best matcha originates from Japan plus the most well-known growing regions would be part of the southern half areas in Japan, namely: Nishio, Uji, Shizuoka, Kyushu.

A factor that differentiates matcha from any other green tea is the fact that matcha bushes tend to be covered for as much as 20 days preceding harvest to shade their leaves away from the sun’s direct light. This is accomplished to enhance chlorophyll levels of the plant (turning the leaves into a darker, green vibrant shade) while increasing L-Theanine production. Theanine would be the amino acid that develops naturally when you look at the tea plant as well as certain kinds of mushrooms. This component helps in stimulating and calming you. Keep reading to learn about the top 7 best matcha powders to satisfy your matcha tea desires! 

1. Jade Leaf 

At $9.95, this matcha tea by Jade Leaf is a best-seller. An amazing organic option, it is extremely versatile and certainly will be applied in anything from blended drinks to baked goods. Reviewers adore this tea for daily drinking as well as get a hold of its flavor as neutral and light, just adequate to make use of for delicious baking recipes including matcha-infused cupcakes.

2. Midori Spring’s Ceremonial Gold Organic Matcha Tea

Now at $27.00 with a 25% sale, this high-quality matcha tea is well worth every penny. Carrying vibrant and green color, alongside perfume-like scent, to earthy essence, this organic tea is worthy of the label “Gold Class.”

3. Encha  Pure Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha Tea

At 26% off, this product is now only $19.95, and you will love it as it is obtained from Kyoto, Japan with first-harvest leaves. From Encha, it packs toasty and sweet aromas, alongside rich and complex flavors that build up with every sip. Amazing!

4. Republic of Tea​ Matcha Tea Powder​

Green tea that is stone ground, this matcha powder straight from the Republic of Tea displays bright green shade as well as mellow taste that lots of consumers regard as calming and soothing. Medium-bodied, this matcha is simply delicious. It has been traditionally whisked to hot water however it may also be included in your morning smoothie to get that antioxidant boost. It’s priced at $18.75.

5. Pure Matcha Ceremonial Grade Premium Tea

At $18.99, Pure Matcha’s tea is indeed ceremonial-grade. Smooth and buttery, every matcha lover will savor every sip!

6. Mizuba Tea Company’s Daily Matcha

Sourced from Uji, Japan, Mizuba is birthed from a family farm of 100 years. It packs its nutty quality, floral aroma at a good price of just $25.00. Well worth it.

7. KENKO Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder

At $27.99, Kenko features a deep hue of jade hue with a relatively grassy flavor. It is best served up traditionally, whisked along with hot water up until it gets slightly frothy. You can also reuse its cute tin once you work up your way through this matcha tea. Anything from little knick-knacks to small items.

Match Powder vs. Green Tea

Need to break it down? If you wonder about the real difference between matcha powder with green tea, you are not the only one. Although those two superfoods come across as similar plus both originate from green leaves tea, they usually have distinct flavors, colors, textures, as well as preparation methods.

But the greatest distinction between matcha powder to green tea leaf stems from the two’s nutritional profiles. Find out what separates these 2 drinks and pick what you want better


A lot of people agree that premium grade matcha tastes much better than compared green tea that has a propensity to taste quite bitter. The ceremonial-grade type of matcha will require zero added sweetener toward milk products, easily making it more delicious.


Matcha tea’s powder looks brighter green as compared to ordinary green tea leaf, which could appear brown and even dull. Their vibrant color arises from the high amounts of chlorophyll, a strong polyphenol.


Matcha powder has that distinct and velvety powder that just feels smooth to touch. Green tea on the other hand feels quite gritty, somehow like leaves that are crushed up.


Just the finest of the world’s green tea is utilized in making matcha powder, which is also harvested using hands. The veins and stems are then taken out of the leaves, then stone grounded to produce matcha powder. Traditional green tea is derived by steeping pieces of this leaf in hot water.

Matcha Tea’s Powder


Powder from matcha is the best when blended with water right beneath 175° Fahrenheit. The average green tea is generally boiled up to 212°, eliminating any nutritional rewards.


This is where matcha powder truly shines when comparing it to green tea. In reality, you would need certainly to drink ten to fifteen cups of this green tea just to equal nutrients within one matcha cup.

Considering Matcha is created by grinding some whole tea leaf to powder, in the place of steeping these leaves in hot water, not one of these nutrients found in these leaves get tossed together with a teabag that has already been used.

Matcha is awesome huh? And with the best matcha powders to choose from, you are satisfied and complete!