7 Best Tasting Protein Bars In 2020

Are you looking for the best tasting protein bars? There are many factors to consider including taste, texture, and nutrition in order to pick the best option for your needs. Learn more here!

Protein Bars

Are you looking for the best tasting protein bars? Fun Fact: Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) prescribed whey protein as medicine as early as 460 BC. Today the protein bar market is worth about $1.2 billion (2018) and is one of many protein products on the market including protein powders. It can seem tough to pick the tastiest protein bar in a billion-dollar industry. However, it’s possible and you have lots of super-yummy ingredients to pick from including apples, almonds, and chocolate chips. /These are some of the various options you have that can add lots of taste and texture to your bars. It’s all about knowing the best combinations used to recreate classic dishes like apple pie, glazed donuts, and dark chocolate bars.  

This isn’t to say that taste is everything when picking a protein bar. You should also consider other issues like ingredients, texture, and nutrition. These are other key issues to consider in order to get the best results from a high-protein snack bar. However, those issues won’t mean much if the product tastes like old cardboard. The good news is some companies are using natural/organic ingredients to produce some dessert-like protein bars that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

How Important Is Protein Bars’ Taste?

When picking a protein bar there are several issues to take up including:

  • Brand/Product
  • Price/Value
  • Ingredients
  • Taste/Texture
  • Macro/Micro-nutrients

These are all important issues to take up when picking a protein bar. There’s no question nutrition should be front and center. It starts with protein. You should generally look for about 25g of the macro-nutrient, which is what you usually get in a scoop of protein powder.

Then there’s the other macros (carbs/fat) and micro-nutrients (vitamins/minerals). If you’re on a low-carb diet make sure you’re getting low net carbs and some healthy fat. Vitamins/Minerals are also critical to make sure you get enough micro-nutrients for the day.

You should also consider issues like brand/product and price/value. Look for companies that are well-established versus generic/off-brands for better overall value/service. Off-brands will tend to go with cheaper ingredients to save money. It will help you save money but also sacrifice quality/value. Once again the saying “You get what you pay for” certainly applies.

Then there’s taste and texture. In general, you’ll want the snack/breakfast bar to have a chewy texture but not be as hard as peanut brittle. This will give your teeth a workout without needing to schedule a dental appointment.

Taste is also critical. Today there’s been an industry pivot from artificial ingredients to whole/raw/organic ones. Many protein bars are limited-ingredient so you’ll get tons of taste with less than 10 natural ingredients, for example.

The irony is you can also find many “dessert” flavors that include healthy ingredients. They include pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter. The results are often hit or miss in terms of taste.

So you should always do a taste test even if Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars sounds like the world’s best flavor. Make sure there’s a good flavor balance, for example.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

1. Vitamin/Protein Snack Bar by FULFIL

This product is loaded with 15g protein and 9 vitamins for more nutrition. You get Chocolate Hazelnut flavor with low sugar for good taste and lower glycemic index (GI). There’s also a 15-pack bundle for more value.

2. Variety Back by Stoka Bars

This variety back includes different natural energy bars. The product is low-carb so it’s Keto-friendly. It also contains no animal products so it’s vegan. You get 8 high-protein bars.

3. Maple Glazed Doughnut Protein Bars by ONE

You can’t go wrong with a protein bar that tastes like a glazed donut. This ONE product includes a 12-pack of maple-glazed donuts. Each bar has 20g protein and just 1g sugar. It’s also gluten-free so there’s no wheat flour.

4. Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Fruit & Nut Bar by LARABAR

You get lots of tasty ingredients including:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Choco Chip
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

This provides lots of nutrition, taste, and texture. There are no added flavors/sugar for more nutrition. The peanut butter and choco-chip are combined with real nuts & fruit.

5. Peanut Butter Crunch by PureFit

These nutrition bars offer 18g protein. They’re gluten/dairy-free so Paleo/Vegan-friendly. They’re also low-carb so Keto/Atkins friendly. You can boost energy and athletic performance with these PureFit bars. A 15-pack works out to less than $2 per bar

6. Pumpkin Pie Protein Bar by Quest Nutrition

This one lets you enjoy year-round pumpkin pie. It’s a low-carb protein bar so ideal if you’re on Keto or Atkins. It’s also gluten-free so there’s no wheat flour added.

7. Milk Chocolate/coconut Protein bar by Warrior Supplements

This one combines the tasty blend of milk chocolate and coconut. You get 12 big bars at 64g. This product is an Amazon’s Choice provides 20g of protein/bar and a complex blend of flavors.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

Best Tasting Protein Bars: Key Protein Bar Features


These are both key issues to consider when picking protein bars. Make sure the taste has a balance of flavors so one flavor/ingredient doesn’t overpower the others. This can help provide a good experience.

You should also consider the texture. The general texture you should go for is chewy yet not too soft or tough. This will also help to provide a good experience when consuming the high-protein snack bar.


Make sure to review the average review from Amazon and other sources. Read “Verified Purchase” reviews in particular since these are people who bought the product.


While these features are similar there’s some difference. Many protein bars that are “all-natural” aren’t organic. The term “natural” refers to the snack bar having no artificial ingredients. This is relatively common in today’s market.

“Organic” bars are different. That’s because there are no artificial ingredients like colors, flavors, and preservatives added. However, that’s just the start. There were also no synthetic ingredients used when the ingredients were produced like fertilizers and pesticides. This helps to minimize the negative effects of artificial ingredients.

Total/Net Carbs

Make sure to check out both amounts. Some bars that have high total carbs have much lower net carbs. That’s due to ingredients like grains, nuts, and seeds that greatly lower the net carbs when the fiber is subtracted. If you’re on regular Keto/Atkins programs you’re allowed 50g of net carbs/daily so this a key issue to weight when picking a product.


In general, you should expect to pay $1 to $2/each for high-quality protein bars. This is based on natural ingredients, ironically costing more than artificial ones. Since it’s an investment in your health/wellness the higher price is arguably worth it. Make sure to consider other factors like best tasting protein bars.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

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