The 10 Best Weight Loss Tea Detox – Slim Trim Shape

Amongst the many issues waving through the world today is that of weight management. Day in day out the fit0fam club gets new members signed to it, while some are able to stand the test of time wonders quit or surrender to fate. Seeing the huge prospect of this market, many manufactures have ventured into this as a business and have gone ahead to make lots of products that will help people achieve their weight goals without going through excess stress.

Detox tea is one of these products and has had both good and bad reviews. To enjoy the positive effects of this tea you have to know what is the best weight loss tea detox. To help you out we have compiled a list of the ten best hoping that it will be of assistance to you as you go into the detox market.

As you read through the list we are about to mention, note that there is no one ultimate reaction to these products. Mrs. A may react differently from Mr. B to the same drink so it’s always good to find what will work for you. The reason for this is that our bodies are unique and react differently in some cases. Another noteworthy tip is to combine the use of a slim drink with regular exercising and some necessary lifestyle changes. All this will work together to give you the result you desire.

Best Weight Loss Tea Detox

Detox tea is not so hard to find anymore. You can easily pick them off the aisle of food and health stores. Even grocery stores now stock them up, you only need to have sharp eyes. 

Online stores are not left out here, you can order your pack from amazon and the likes. Because of the increasing demand for detox tea, we see that a lot of different brands sprouting forth. This might be confusing for you especially if you are a first-timer.

We hope this list of you ten detox tea guides you in your shopping. You can still carry out your research h on this tea before making your final decision. 

1. Morning detox tea

This detox tea may be your solution to weight loss and detoxification. Its ingredients include one cup of warm water, two vinegar tbsp of apple cider, two tbsp lemon juice, one tbsp of honey, one dash cayenne, and one tbsp of cinnamon. All you have to do is to combine all the ingredients, sip, stir, and enjoy.

2. Black tea

Black tea has high oxidation. It also contains antioxidants polyphenols or flavonoids which have been linked with health benefits like weight loss. These chemicals also help with fatty acid release from the gut which hastens metabolism. Preparing this tea takes three to five minutes. 

3. White tea

This carefully prepared tea comes with diverse flavors distinguishing it from the other teas. White tea has a mild sweet yet light taste. One well researched white tea benefit is that it supports weight loss because of its catechins. The steeping time takes two to five minutes. 

4. Pu Erh tea

Another name for this is detox tea. It is good for burning fat because of its properties which are ideal for cleansing, slimming, and refreshing the body. The making process of this tea involves microbial fermentation. It has a bitter savor and takes three to five minutes to steep. 

5. Matcha tea

Here is one famous Japanese detox tea that is gotten from Camellia the Sinensis plant. This tea allows you to drink the tea with its crushed leaves rather than removing them. Matcha is fast gaining fame as a good detox tea that supports weight loss. It contains the potent antioxidant, epigallocatechin gallate which helps in increasing immunity and removing toxins. 

6. Green tea

You can get your detox tea without having to go through the stress of making one for yourself. Green tea is a ready-made detoxifier that contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drinking this will help detoxify your body.

7. Oolong tea

The same shrubs that produce true tea produce your oolong tea. This tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate, a strong antioxidant compound. Oolong tea has been confirmed to help with weight loss. It also helps in reducing the level of lipids in the bloodstream and hasten fat metabolism. 

8. Cinnamon tea

The sweet aromatic flavor of cinnamon coupled with the richness will endear this tea to you.  Moreover, cinnamon has reduced calories and assists in controlling the level of blood sugar which contributes to weight management.  When you take cinnamon regularly it helps with your weight loss goal especially in burning that extra fat in your abdominal region. 

9. Rooibos tea

This is a herbal South Africa tea that is obtained from the Aspalathus linearis bushy Africa plant. Rooibos tea has a delicately sweet taste to it. Research suggests that it is a good slimming tea because of the properties of weight loss it possesses. 

10. Pomegranate tea

This slim drink is made from the concoction of pomegranate juice, dried flowers of pomegranate, or pomegranate seeds. A lot of antioxidants are found in pomegranate and they also possess antimicrobial powers. Pomegranate tea has a subtle savor but sweet flavor and is good for losing weight. The steeping time takes three to seven minutes. 


You may have been surprised that nine of the ten mentioned best weight loss detox are homemade. Yes, the reason why is because these are often better than the processed already made teas. Hopefully, you find the one that works best for you. don’t forget to also watch your lifestyle, diet, and engage in regular exercise for optimal results.