Is Blackstrap Molasses Good For You?

Blackstrap molasses comes from sugar cane. Other than that, it has more than 14 health benefits to offer you.

blackstrap molasses

Have you ever heard of Blackstrap Molasses? If not, it is actually a byproduct that comes from a sugar cane’s refining process. During the said process, sugar cane is mashed to turn into juice. Then, the juice is boiled to become syrup, which eventually becomes the molasses. The main process done to achieve this is boiling. In fact, the syrup is boiled more than twice.

On the third boiling, the syrup looks like a dark liquid which has the lowest sugar content in any product from sugar cane. In fact, it has minerals such as selenium, vitamin B6, calcium, and iron. Considering this, blackstrap molasses is considered superfood. Although it does not give miracles, it has a lot of benefits and nutritional value.

Here are the many reasons you should eat blackstrap molasses.

1. Bone booster

You are probably aware that in order to get strong bones, you need calcium. But apart from calcium, magnesium is also an important mineral in having strong bones. Lucky for you, blackstrap molasses has both magnesium and calcium. Both can protect you from osteoporosis.

All you need to do is add 5 tablespoons of this byproduct to get 50% of the needed calcium of your body. The 5 tablespoons can also give you 38% magnesium and 95% iron.

2. Diabetes-Friendly

You are most likely to get a conundrum if you have a sweet tooth and diabetes. But even if blackstrap molasses does come from sugar, it can stabilize your blood sugar levels when digested slowly. So to prevent worsening your diabetes, you can add blackstrap molasses when baking goods. Not only will it stabilize your sugar, but it will also have a distinct flavor.

3. Good for your blood

If you have anemia, you have the tendency to feel weak and tired. This is because your body does not have a lot of red blood cells. Even worse, you can get anemia if you lack iron in the food that you eat. But everything will change when you eat blackstrap molasses. This is because blackstrap molasses is a great source of iron. Just 5 tablespoons of this can give you 95% iron already.

If you do not want to add it to your meals, you can combine it with hot water. Other even use it as a dietary supplement.

4. Hair de-frizzer

Research shows that blackstrap molasses can remove the frizziness in your hair even if it is colored, bleached, or permed. What you can do is mix blackstrap molasses to warm water and apply it to your hair. If you want, you can mix it with coconut milk or shampoo. Just take note that you should never apply blackstrap molasses directly to your hair.

5. Source of potassium

Other than the compounds mentioned earlier, blackstrap molasses is rich in potassium. Just mix this with baked beans to maximize its health benefits. You can also use it as a glaze for meat, turkey, and chicken. If you want, you can even eat a spoonful of it.

6. Prevents menstrual cramps

As mentioned, blackstrap molasses contains a lot of iron. With that, you can say that you can use it as well to prevent you from experiencing menstrual cramps. By taking this, you can get iron to your body even if your body was able to lose a lot of blood.

7. Manage weight

Blackstrap molasses also has antioxidant effects that can lower your tendencies to be obese. By taking this content, you reducing the calorie absorption in your body, resulting in weight loss.

8. Treat constipation

Research shows that this molasses can treat constipation. In fact, constipation is treated through sodium phosphate enemies but would require rectal treatment. But with molasses, you can just consume the product and get treated immediately.

9. Better sexual health

Sex hormones are developed thanks to manganese. When you have a low level of manganese, you can get weak bones, general fatigue, and worse, infertility.

10. Prevent fatigue and headache

As mentioned, blackstrap molasses has a lot of minerals and compounds. Considering this, you can expect that once you take this mixture, you will receive tons of minerals to give you a healthy body. Remember, if you do not have minerals in your body, you will experience stress, fatigue, asthma, and headaches.

11. Promote growth

Blackstrap molasses or pregnancy tea can give you essential minerals, vitamin B, and iron. So when you take this tea while you are pregnant, you can expect that the baby will receive the needed minerals for growth and development.

12. Faster healing

The mixture is said to treat skin burns and wounds according to research. Moreover, blackstrap molasses helps develop tissues and can sever as a great healer.

13. Hair growth

Not only will blackstrap molasses be effective in the growth and development of babies, but it can promote hair growth as well. Even better, it can prevent your hair from turning gray. Adding molasses to your hair can also make your hair soft and rich in texture.

14. Healthy nervous system

Once you take blackstrap molasses, you can expect to get a lot of magnesium. This compound is known for maintaining your nervous system. During this time, your blood vessels and nerves are relaxed. If you have a low magnesium level, you can experience body fatigue, spasms, muscle cramps, and hypertension.

These are just some of the advantages that you can get from blackstrap molasses. Other benefits include becoming a health remedy and use for animal feeds. However, it can also have side effects such as allergic reactions. This is why it is best that you consult with your doctor first before eating it.

To sum it up, blackstrap molasses is a great component that you can add to the food that eats. It is a byproduct from sugar cane that is rich in minerals and vitamins that can give you tons of health benefits. It can even work as a therapeutic remedy for different kinds of illnesses.

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