Carbs in Banana: Is Banana Really Good for You

Though bananas are packed with calories, they are also loaded with essential nutrients. These nutrients help in energy production, chemical processes, and many more functions.

carbs in banana

Carbs in banana — this is the reason why people are cautious about eating the fruit. But is this enough reason to stay away from bananas?

Bananas have naturally high carbs (carbohydrate) in them. Doctors and dietitians alike do not necessarily condemn bananas to be bad for your health. They are essentially good, it just happens, that bananas are rich in calories.

Other people might be able to include bananas in their diet, others, not. It generally depends on the current state, condition, or medical history of the individual.

Bananas are Loaded with Nutrients

Though bananas are packed with calories, they are also loaded with essential nutrients. These nutrients help in energy production, chemical processes, and many more functions. if you are someone who has no problem or allergies with bananas, you can enjoy them as fully as you can just make sure that they are served in not overly huge portions. If you are someone, who has a problem with bananas and your doctor forbids you do eat them, then do not eat them. However, if bananas are tolerable and have a certain limit that you can only get yourself into, then obey those rules and you will be good.

Calories in Banana

Bananas have at least 80 calories in them. The number of calories will vary on the size of the banana and what genus it comes from. Groceries offer several types of bananas. If you are someone that is apprehensive in choosing one, consult your doctor or dietitian.

In terms of comparison regarding the number of calories, bananas are quite at the top, at par with apples and oranges. The lowest calorie contents are berries and their varieties. The safest method to control and keep your calories in proportion is by eating your bananas in half. This method would give you at least half of its average calorie count (40).

Carbs in Banana

Like calories, the carbs (carbohydrates) amount in bananas vary too depending on sizes and kinds. Though not all contents of bananas are carbs, it also contains sugar, fiber, nutrients, and certain minerals. To be exact, one banana that is 9 inches long, can have at least 30 grams of carbs in them. This is quite high. That is why, breaking them in half first, is a good idea. This is so dieters can avoid overindulging themselves of carbs. You can always preserve the other half by storing them in the lowest level of your refrigerator. Do not throw them away.

Bananas are Low in Sugar

Although bananas are high in calories, it is relatively low in sugar. However, people who are consciously watching their sugar should still be cautious in taking it.

Now that we know what are the contents of a banana, let us get to know further that specific health benefits that we can get from a banana.

Bananas Have High Dietary Fiber

Bananas are both high in carbs and calories but it has its redeeming qualities. For the record, it has a high dietary fiber content in it. Dietary fiber is good for our digestive system. You will not get hungry easily when you eat bananas. That’s because bananas are full of dietary fiber. Fiber also helps in digesting your food well and helps in trying to soften your stool and making it ready for fecal elimination. If you eat bananas in its unripe stage, you can take advantage of the fact that its starch, helps in feeding good bacterias in your gut.

Banana has Vitamin C

Banana also has vitamin C on it. Vitamin C is an all-rounder. It is good for the skin, bones, muscles and several more tissues. Vitamin C has the capacity to heal wounds faster and repair issue, it might also help in fighting off the outward appearances of aging.

Bananas, when compared to other fruits, in terms of its nutritional level, it is pretty good. In fact, it might even be better than dried fruits or maybe on par with them. Plus, it is such an on the go type of snack because it can be carried in almost anywhere. It can fit in almost any bag and it is quite handy. Another thing is, it has an amazing protective skin covering that makes the inside fresh for some time.

For dieters that are trying to cut back on their weight and is doubting whether banana could be good in their current diet. This will really depend on the kind of diet that you are in. For example, if you are into a keto diet, you can try to control or at least lessen your banana consumption since the keto diet is a concern in lowering the level of carbs in your system. But for everybody that has a regular and normal diet that does not really follow a strict regimen, yes, you can eat bananas. Just makes sure that you do not overeat them.

Consumers also need to understand, that the selection process for bananas is pretty crucial. There are some bananas that are not well taken care of. Look for signs that indicate the quality of it. The price of commercially produced banana does not necessarily reflect the quality of the banana. However, in most cases, pricier bananas have good qualities than cheaper ones but you yourself should look at its actual appearance.

Another thing when choosing bananas, if you are looking for a sweeter tangy taste, you should choose the more ripe ones. The ripe ones are colored in deep yellow. However, the riper the banana is, the more sugar content it probably has.

After selecting, how do you store your bananas?

Bananas are generally stored in the lowest level of your refrigerator to prolong its freshness. However, you do these following techniques depending on your taste.

  1. If you wanted your bananas to be slightly ripe than usual, you can store them at room temperature, inside a brown bag or any bag for that matter. Given, that you eat them right away the next day.
  2. If you wanted your bananas to stay slightly unripe or with the same level of freshness, you may store them in the lowest level of your refrigerator.

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