NaturalSlim Metabolic Vitamins Review | Slim Trim Shape

NaturalSlim is a dietary supplement that’s been formulated to boost metabolism. It’s based on an award-winning book that argues people should consume certain vitamins/minerals to boost metabolism and lose weight. The weight loss industry is worth nearly $73 billion in the USA alone. Many people are looking for supplements, meal replacement, and snack bars that … Read more

China Slim Tea Product Review | Slim Trim Shape

China Slim Tea is a natural slimming/detox tea that contains a natural herbal blend. It can be used for men and women and is extra-strength for better results. You can also get various benefits like weight loss, body detox, and so on. Is it safe to use? Herbal supplements are generally safe to use. That’s … Read more

Fat Loss for Women: Top Tips | Slim Trim Shapes

Do you want to achieve fat loss for women? The average American weighs about 170 pounds (77 kg). If you want to lose weight it’s important to know how women gain weight. This is critical because it can help you take the right approach to burn fat, for example. Issues include how men and women … Read more

Muscle Vs Fat Weight | Slim Trim Shape

The comparison for muscle vs fat weight has been around for years and it’s like asking whether a pound of feather weighs more than a pound of rock. If you come to think of it, regardless of what it is, a pound is a pound. While it’s true that muscle and fat would weigh the … Read more

Grapeseed Oil: Is It Safe For Cooking? – Slim Trim Shape

Grapeseed oil is a derivative from the pressed grape seeds, and it’s abundant in the winemaking process. It has been growing in popularity as marketers claim about its benefits for the heart and lowering effects for blood cholesterol. What Is Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of the winemaking process. Technological advances made extracting … Read more