What are the Benefits of Celery?

Celery packs a lot of nutrition that helps you build a better diet and a healthier lifestyle.

woman holding celery

Celery is one of the known vegetables when it comes to cooking and eating. Its stalks can be paired with main dishes such as chicken or steak, or as part of a hearty dish shared at the dinner table. Some prefer to eat it cooked to a softer texture, while others prefer eating it raw and crunchy.

Although well recognized in the food industry, meal preparation is not the only reason why this vegetable is popular. Celery packs a lot of nutrition that helps you build a better diet and a healthier lifestyle. In fact, the seeds of this plant are used for medicinal purposes, which is a big plus. Keep on reading to know the many benefits that this vegetable has to offer. After this article, you would want to consider having this vegetable regularly on your plate.

1. Celery is a Guilt-Free Snack

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle mostly involves keeping track of consumption of calories. Controlling your food intake can be a challenge especially when you are used to eating big meals. Luckily, there is food that can provide you enough nutrition and satisfy your appetite. Celery has little effect on your calorie intake as it is a low-calorie snack. It can be prepared as vegetable sticks with a salad dressing, or it can be enjoyed as a side dish to a meal without any Guilt.

2. It Helps Lower Inflammation

Celery contains a lot of nutrients that help protect the digestive tract. One of these is apigenin, an anti-inflammatory molecule that helps prevent and heal damage caused by inflammatory components in the food processor. According to a study by Molecular Nutrition Food Research, it can also help restore immune balance in the incident of an inflammatory disease. You could also consider this as a natural and home-made remedy for it.

3. It Improves Digestion

Because of the properties that celery has for the digestive tract, it also aids the stomach in breaking down food since it has around 95 percent of water content and a large number of fiber nutrients. Fiber is an important component that helps keep digestion rhythmic as much as it helps the body with retaining water and keeping it hydrated. It not only improves the stomach lining but also reduces any risks or instances of ulcers.

4. It Maintains Low Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a symptom of heart diseases and complications. It should be given serious attention and remedy in order to avoid having these diseases. Fortunately, in 2013, the Journal of Medicinal Food published a study that aims to identify the effects of different celery seeds on blood pressure. It was found that the vegetable has properties that can help lower it, and is concluded to be a potential aid for increased blood pressure as it exhibited anti-hypertensive properties. This makes it one of the many home remedies for high blood pressure.

5. It Exhibits Anti-Cancer Properties

Celery can help keep you away from cancer as it has properties that are chemoprotective compounds such as polyacetylenes and luteolin which both exhibit anti-cancer properties. They function to reduce the risk of forming cancer cells in the body, making the risk of these decrease. Moreover, they also create compounds that make the cells more responsive to chemotherapy in the event that cancer may develop.

6. It Can Also Reduce Risks of Vision Loss Due to Aging

As our bodies develop and become older, they cannot prevent the changes that come along with the metabolism and immune system. One effect of aging is the loss of vision, and celery has nutrients similar to carrots such as Vitamin C. This aids in keeping the eyesight (particularly the collagen of the cornea) healthy. With regular consumption, it can lessen the risk of damage to your eyesight.

7. It Aids in Urination

Urination is an important process of the body as it helps regulate waste removal from our system. Keeping it healthy is a must to prevent complications with reproductive organs as well as the kidney and liver. Celery can help reduce the production of uric acid in this system while increasing the production of urine, thus reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, bladder complications, or stones. Not only is it a great source of fiber and component for water retention, but it also keeps urination at a healthy pace.

8. It Helps Fight Viral Infections Such as the Common Cold and Flu

Celery seeds are the part of this vegetable used for medicinal purposes as these contain antibacterial properties that help fight infection. These boost the immune system with fighting infectious bacteria and prevent the growth of it as well. Its stalk is also filled with antioxidants that aid in keeping cells protected. It is a great source of vitamin C, K, Potassium, and flavonoids that help decrease problems with organ systems and blood vessels.

9. It Boosts Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is the development of neurons in the brain. As apigenin aids in food production, it also participates in the production of nerve cells in the body. Studies have found that it boosts the growth of these nerve cells that are essential in keeping a healthy memory and a good pace of learning.

Incorporating celery into your diet can help you create a healthier lifestyle. There are a variety of ways you can eat celery. You may want to consider steaming it if you prefer it as a snack, or maybe boiling it and making a healthy drink out of it. You only need to be creative in finding the right recipes, and who knows what healthy dishes you can make out of it? Not only will it be a low-calorie substitute for fatty meals, but it can also aid your bodily processes such as urination, digestion, and neurogenesis making each dish a complete and balanced meal that you can share with your family. With these benefits in mind, you will not go wrong with having it as an enjoyable snack or meal.


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