6 Best Chinese Weight Loss Tea Brands | Slim Trim Shape

Weight losing tea has become very popular among people. And that’s because there are so many people out there that are trying to lose some weight. There are quite a few weight-losing teas out there but Chinese weight-losing teas happen to be one of the most popular out there. they have gained so much popularity among people and because of that people would usually request a list of the best Chinese weight loss tea. Well, we’ve brought that to your doorstep today. While going through this you would find out the different types and how unique they are. 

What exactly is a Chinese tea that makes them so special for losing weight? They contain polyphenol, caffeine, and tea components. And all these have great benefits for the body. They help out with speeding up metabolism and also proper digestion in the body. And this is how it’s effective for weight loss. Many people say that Chinese teas have little side effects and because of that they are better options than some other weight loss teas that you would find out there. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the best Chinese teas that you can opt for when trying to lose weight. 

The 6 Best Chinese Weight LossTea 

1. Oolong tea

This is one of the most common out there. This tea is known to have quite a lot of benefits and that’s all thanks to the tannin that’s present in the tea. So what’s with tannin? This happens to be a substance that helps with the decomposition of lipid. That’s why when you drink oolong tea very frequently, you would notice changes in your body mass. There have been studies conducted that show that this is the case with oolong tea

2. Green tea

Right here is one tea that is consumed by a lot of people. And it contains a lot. It is known to contain vitamins C and B1. At the same time, green tea is known to contain caffeine. And all these come together to improve the amount of gastric juice that is released in the stomach. Also, it is known to contain a compound known as catechins. This affects metabolism and removing free radicals away from the body. Another thing is that the green thing is known to have an antioxidant effect. So this Chinese weight loss tea is effective. 

3. Black tea

The thing with black tea is that it contains a lot of caffeine. And caffeine has been found out to have a lot of effects when it comes to the decomposition of fat. So it would help with the burning down of fat in the different stores and then the ability of the body to burn down fat is enhanced by this tea. When it comes to black tea you have to bear these three tips in mind. Make sure you drink the tea before working out or during the day. Also, make sure that it is taken about an hour before meals. Another thing is that you have to drink it hot and not cold. 

4. Pu-erh tea

This is another tea that has proven to be effective for losing weight. It works by protecting your abdomen and also reducing the number of lipids in the body. The best thing is to take this tea without including any other additives. Also, make sure that when drinking this it is done half an hour before you eat. That way the effectiveness of the tea increases. 

5. Lemon tea

Right here is one that is very abundant in vitamin C. And it is believed that the acidic property of this tea is the reason why it can burn down fat. Another good thing is that it helps with the removal of waste products from certain organs in the body. Also, it helps improve metabolism and with that, the rate at which fat is decomposed is also reduced. For many people that have taken this tea, they have seen some evident results in terms of weight loss. 

6. Semen Cassiae tea

This happens to belong to traditional Chinese culture. This comes from the mature seed of a plant. And this tea is quite popular when it comes to its weight loss benefits. When you take about 10g of this tea daily the amount of fat that is stored in the body is greatly reduced. One thing though that you can be sure of this that this tea right here affects reducing fat in the body and thus reducing body mass index. 

Are Weight Loss Teas Harmful? 

Well, there are many people out there that claim that weight loss teas are bad. Is this true? It could be harmful to the body but that’s not the whole truth. Taking weight-loss teas at a normal rate wouldn’t be harmful to the body. Too much of it though could be harmful to the body. That’s why you have to be careful about how much you consume because it could be harmful to your organs. 

The idea is taking enough over a long period. Chinese weight loss tea is not for losing weight speedily like within a week or two. It’s something that would happen gradually over some time with the constant consumption of the tea. You should take about 1 cup of tea in a day. It could be more than this but taking 5 cups of tea in a day would be extremely harmful to your liver most especially. So make sure you have balance when it comes to consuming these teas. 

Another thing you must bear in mind is that the studies on teas are limited. So the results obtained are not completely ascertained. It may and may not happen. At the same time, the side effects are not fully known. That’s why you have to consume them carefully. Well, apart from all these Chinese weight losing teas are simply one of the best out there. And consuming anyone listed above wouldn’t be such a bad idea.