What Are Collagen Peptides And Its Benefits | Slim Trim Shape

Are you thinking about taking collagen supplements? This protein is one of the most important ones in the human body. Collagen makes up to one-third of all human protein and 80% of the skin. Today there are many ways to boost collagen levels like eating bone broth and adding collagen creams/lotions to your skin. It’s also important to know the basics about this protein including what are collagen peptides. These are chemical compounds that are made up of 1+ amino acids with a certain kind of bond. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins but they form peptides, which then form proteins.

There are many kinds of protein found in the human body. Keratin is found in body parts like nails and teeth. Elastin helps to make skin stretchy. Then there’s collagen, which helps to provide benefits like stronger skin. One of the main issues about collagen is it’s not available in several kinds of food. That’s why certain foods like chicken soup and bone broth are good options. There are also collagen supplements like tablets and protein powders, which help to boost your protein intake. When picking a collagen food or supplement it’s helpful to know some basics like the protein’s structure.

What in the World is Collagen?

Today collagen products are available at many drug and beauty supply stores. This is a protein that makes up around three-quarters of human skin or more. It’s also the most common protein in the human body and makes up to one-third of all protein.

Collagen is made up of peptides, which are made up of amino acids. The aminos are made of different minerals including carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are various aminos found in collagen. The actual names aren’t as important as simply knowing multiple ones are found in the protein.  

The most collagen is found in people’s skin and connective tissue like muscles. It helps to keep skin strong and soft. It also helps to produce new skin cells, which is important since humans lose up to 40,000 skin cells per MINUTE.

Another key benefit of collagen is that it helps to keep skin stretchy. This is also a function of elastin, which is another key protein found in human skin. As we age the body produces less collagen, which can have a negative effect on skin health.

The “job” of collagen is to make certain body structures stronger. IT also helps to protect the skin and other structures. This is done by reducing the absorption and helping to spread disease-fighting substances. These are all important functions for good overall health.

One of the issues related to aging and college is our bodies produce less of the protein during middle-age and senior years. This causes the skin to experience changes like becoming thinner/weaker. The lower amounts of collagen can also cause other effects like wrinkled/loose skin.

There are also possible effects on other body parts. Hair can become thinner. Joints/ligaments can become less stretchy. Meanwhile, joints can become stiff. These are all effects that happen when the body makes less collagen.

It’s also important to know what peptides are since they help to form proteins. These are 1+ amino acids that are connected with a certain kind of bond. The chemical compounds are known as a certain type because they usually make long chains.

All humans and animals on Earth have peptides and they’re one of life’s building blocks. It’s important to note that peptides and proteins are closely connected. When there’s a super-long peptide it then becomes a protein. This is one of the “macronutrients” of humans that also include carbohydrates and fat.

In terms of proteins, you don’t have to know all the nitty-gritty details about how proteins/peptides work. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to know the basics. This will help to explain their function.

There are several key functions of peptides within the human body. Their effects are based on the certain amino acids that are contained in the peptides. Some of the roles they have include hormones and antibiotics. A person can also break down/reuse peptides.

For example, let’s say that a person consumes a hamburger. The enzymes within the intestines start breaking down that protein. The process continues until it becomes peptides. Then those peptides are broken down into aminos.

It’s also worth noting that proteins and peptides are very closely related. It’s just important to know that amino acids can form peptides, then those peptides can form a protein. This is the reverse situation that happens when people digest protein.

Collagen peptides are critical for various functions in the human body. It’s especially critical for skin structure and helps to make skin sturdy and soft.

If your body isn’t getting enough collagen you should consider dietary supplements. There are various ones available including protein powders and tablets/capsules. Such supplements can provide various benefits like healthier skin.

Top Benefits of Collagen Supplements

1. Bone health

It’s important to boost your bone density and bone health. Collage supplements might help to keep bones strong and maintain their structure. This is why collagen supplements can be useful as people age. When this happens it can result in lower bone mass.

Different studies show that collagen supplements might help to lower bone breakdown, which can result in conditions like osteoporosis. That can cause various health issues since the bones become weaker and more likely to break.

2. Joint pain

Another key benefit of collagen is it might help to deal with arthritis and other causes of joint pain. This can be tough to deal with, so it’s important to get relief from arthritis symptoms. As people get older, this can affect various issues including joints.

When people’s bodies don’t have enough collagen this can result in various joint-related issues. Many studies show that collagen supplements might help with osteoarthritis and lower overall joint pain. That’s definitely a plus in terms of improving quality of life.

3. Muscle mass

It’s possible that collagen supplements could help to increase muscle mass. In fact, collagen makes up to 10% of all muscle tissue. So it’s critical to get enough of the protein so your muscles stay strong and working correctly.

4. Heart health

Collagen supplements might help to lower the risk of heart problems. That’s because collagen can improve the health of arteries. This is important for good heart function. 

Besides collagen it’s also important for a person to get other nutrients like healthy fats. There are many factors that can affect heart health like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

5. Skin health

This is easily one of the most important benefits of collagen supplements. They can help to make the skin hydrated, stronger, and stretchy. These are all important features you’ll want to have instead of dry, rough, and loose skin.