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Can a “frozen vest” help you lose weight without diet and exercise? Fun Fact: The global industry for weight management is worth over $212 billion (2018), which offers a wide range of options including supplements, equipment, and snack foods. Many people are looking for quick fixes to shed pounds and burn fat. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many gimmicks on the market like fat-burner supplements, meal replacement drinks, and 60-second six-pack abs. That said, some science-based weight-loss methods work like drinking water, cutting carbs, and intermittent fasting (IF). It might seem that putting a cool fat burner to cut one-quarter of daily calories is too good to be true.  

Just like memory foam the technology for these cool vests was invented by the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). So there’s no question the fat-burning gear was developed based on lots of R&D. In fact, the vest is based on the basic fact that human bodies burn more calories in cold weather. However, it’s quite another thing to wear a piece of clothing that burns 500 calories daily or 1 pound of body weight in a week. Should you buy this winter vest or give it the “Cold Shoulder”?

How Do People Lose Weight?

There’s no question that modern life is affecting people’s average weight. Statistics show that about half the world’s human population is now overweight or obese. The number of obese people also outnumber the number of underweight people.

The traditional approach to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more. There are different approaches to diet and exercise.

Weight loss programs like Keto Ultra, Whole30, and Intermittent Fasting (IF) take different approaches to reach weight loss goals. For example, Atkins cuts carbs and boosts protein fat. Vegetarian ditches meat while vegan drops all animal products. Paleo makes people eat like cavemen.

Then there are exercise programs. They can also range greatly from traditional options like strength training, cycling, and yoga, to lesser-known ones like pilates and a full-body workout known as a barre.

The irony of the “Cold Shoulder” is it claims you can lose weight without diet or exercise by simply weighting the vest. Ex-NASA scientist Wayne Hayes developed the vest that he claims burns calories not actually from the cold temperature itself but by the body trying to warm up.

Hayes developed the frozen fest after launching a Kickstarter campaign. The original vest burned up to 500 calories/day, which equals to one pound (3,500) calories per week. Hayes is now working on the second version that he shares might be a bigger calorie-burner.

Hayes had an “aha moment” when he realized that calories could be subtracted if they left the body. That’s because a calorie is one unit of heat. So when the cold vest draws out more body heat, this, in turn, removes heat.

The University of California (Irvine) professor picked the vest because it’s gear that people could wear daily. It’s more practical than wearing a t-shirt in winter weather. People can wear the fat-burning vest for 60 to 90 minutes 2x daily.

Cool Fat Burner: Can It Burn 500 Calories?

This is the main question about the frozen vest. This is quite a high figure since it’s one-quarter of a 2,000-calorie diet. Fun Fact: A 185-pound person can burn 500 calories in about 30 minutes on an exercise bike. There are other ways to drop 500 calories daily including weightlifting or simply cutting calories.

The product’s homepage reports the Cool Fat Burner was run through a university experiment. It resulted in all study participants burning more calories. The results were published in a scientific journal in July 2019.

Another key result is the subjects also had changes in certain hormones. Researchers are studying the hormones for their function in muscle-building and fat-burning. It’s believed the hormones might also be related to serious diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

This ice vest is the first one on the market that reproduces the exact same skin temperatures that were used in the game-changing experiments. Studies show that Cool Fat Burner can burn up to 150 calories per hour. So you can burn up to 500 calories in a few hours with this vest.

Various studies show that other frozen vests don’t burn half that figure. That’s even the case when the vests were worn for up to one full day.

People wear the CFB at different times of the day. That includes at nighttime after doing workouts. Some customers report they can sleep better by wearing the ice vest for an hour or so.   

The product works by burning “brown fat.” This is one of the two types of fat in the human body. The function is to turn food into body heat. This differs from the other kind of fat known as white/yellow fat.

The fat-burning vest can also be used with diet and exercise programs. This can help to maximize weight loss.

Top Tips to Boost Metabolism


This might seem to be illogical. It might seem that eating more meals would result in weight gain. The key is to keep the meals small so your metabolism works faster during the whole day by keeping your blood sugar up. It can help to reduce overeating. If you’re hungry that can also lead to unhealthy snack attacks, which makes it a double-whammy.


Studies show that protein can boost metabolism, which can cause you to burn 200 more calories during the day. One of the keys is that the amino acids in protein help to break down carbs/fat. So the more protein you eat the faster you can burn them. Make sure not to overdo it with protein though.


Eating more food might seem like an odd way to lose weight. However, studies show that eating a morning meal can reduce food intake for the entire day. Meanwhile, it turns out that skipping breakfast can lead to results like snacking more, which can result in weight gain.


In recent years low-carb diets have been trending. There’s nothing good or bad about any macro-nutrient. The key is to make sure you’re eating “good” carbs. For example, go with whole grains versus refined grains, and raw honey or maple syrup over white sugar. While potatoes, turnips, and parsnips aren’t allowed on low-carb diets they’re chock-full of healthy carbs.


This is one of the key ways to boost metabolism and burn more brown fat. One Swedish study showed that spending 5 minutes in ice water helped to reduce brown fat by 15x versus just being in a cooler room. This study showed how cold temperatures can boost weight loss like a cool fat burner.