Does Fit Tea Really Work For Weight Loss – Slim Trim Shape

Are you looking for a detox tea? If so then one of the most popular options is Fit Tea. This brand has been on the market since 2013 and has become a popular dietary supplement for body detox and colon cleanse. However, as with other options, it’s important to find out, does fit tea work?

Leafy greens, broccoli, and milk are among the best foods for colon cleansing. These are good options because they help to cleanse the organ naturally. There are other traditional methods but they involve strong chemicals that are more likely to cause unwanted side-effects. That’s why it’s critical to consider a natural supplement with natural/organic ingredients. This can function as a milder/gentler way to detoxify the body.

One of the key features of Fit Tea is the natural ingredients it contains. They include green tea, ginger, and pomegranate. These are all-natural ingredients that are believed to help with body detox and colon cleanse. One of the main ingredients for this process is fiber. While the body doesn’t process digestible fiber it’s important for helping the digestive system work better. This should include at least 30g of daily fiber from food like leafy greens and supplements like detox tea.  

What in the World Is a Detox Tea?

In recent years the number of colons cleanses and liver detox products on the market have sky-rocketed. They include different ones including apple cider vinegar (ACV), bone broth, and milk thistle. These are some of the various natural detox foods to pick from.

Another option is something called a “detox tea.” We often think of teas as being used for weight loss, energy boosts, or simply refreshing drinks. However, they can also be used as a detox supplement.

The goal is to provide a detox for specific body parts like the colon, liver, or kidneys, or the body in general. This is especially important with the so-called Standard American Diet (SAD). Detox teas are often used to get rid of extra salt, sugar, fat, and artificial additives.

Detoxification teas are one of the traditional detox methods that people have been using since ancient times. These methods were quite popular until the early 1900s and are making a comeback in modern times.  

Detox tea has become popular today for people who want to detoxify their bodies using methods like a general Master Cleanse. While these products can be effective it’s important to check their details. That’s especially true since the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regular dietary supplements.

For example, some detox teas on the market have been exposed to including unhealthy drugs/chemicals that the manufacturers don’t list on the packaging. So it’s always important to look for third-party testing and honest customer reviews about people’s experiences using the products.

There’s no question that natural teas can be superfoods. However, it’s quite another story when the organic herbs are combined with other

Ingredients and especially synthetic ones. Some of these ingredients can trigger side-effects like allergic reactions.

Does Fit Tea Work?

Fit Tea is one of the several detox teas on the market. It was launched to market in 2013 so it’s been around for over a half-decade. It’s advertised as having over 1.7 million customers and has an average of 4.5/5 stars from 600+ Amazon reviewers

The question is, does Fit Te work? FitTea is a natural detox system that provides a 28-day supply of an herbal blend. It includes natural ingredients like:

  • Green Tea
  • Ginger
  • Pomegranate  
  • Garcinia Cambogia (fruit)

Some studies show that these ingredients might help to function as natural detoxes. For example, green tea, in particular, has the highest amount of antioxidants among all processed teas. This makes it one of the healthiest natural beverages you can drink including black tea and fruit juices.

One popular ingredient missing in the product is caffeine. This can cause health benefits like weight loss through higher metabolism. The downside to caffeine is it can also cause unwanted side-effects like headaches and racing heartbeat. Those are situations you’ll want to avoid when you’re trying to detoxify the body.

Another key feature of Fit Tea is that it doesn’t include artificial ingredients like sweeteners, laxatives, or preservatives. These are kinds of ingredients that can make a detox drink unhealthy because they can cause unwanted side-effects. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid when using any detox tea.

One of the big question marks for all detox tea is whether it can perform a “colon cleanse.” Many health experts argue that the colon’s main function is to cleanse/detoxify the body so this procedure isn’t needed. However, it can also be argued modern diets require colon/liver detoxes.

Another big issue about detox supplements is whether “slimming teas” really work. While the detox can help you lose weight it’s short-term. A more long-term benefit is fat-burning when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Top Herbs for Body Detox


This is probably one of the least popular veggies among kids. However, it’s been consumed since ancient times dating back to the Egyptian pyramids. So people have been consuming plant-based food for thousands of years and it still provides kidney/liver benefits today.


This includes options like green, black, and herbal. They can all help to detoxify the body including the colon, liver, and kidneys.


This is a common ingredient added to everyday food but is also a superfood and natural detox. Parsley is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can also function as a natural liver/kidney detox. It also has a mild flavor, which makes it ideal for meat, grain, and veggie dishes.  

Marshmallow root

This is one of those foods that we often forget is a natural plant. The most common food is the highly-processed spongy food that’s used for roasted marshmallows or hot chocolate. However, it’s also a natural herb that can be used for functions like natural detox and sore throats.

Marshmallow root has several healthy properties. They include it’s being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Studies show marshmallows can also help to boost liver/kidney health.


This is one of the most famous cooking herbs along with garlic and onions. It also has a unique spicy flavor that makes it popular for various dishes. Ginger is also a good option for natural kidney/liver detox. So it’s a good reason to drink more ginger tea.

Milk thistle

This is an herb and isn’t related to the dairy product. It’s been used for thousands of years as medicine. For example, the ancient Romans used milk thistle to boost liver health. There’s an active ingredient in the natural herb that studies show can boost kidney and liver health after learning does fit tea works.