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Do you think you suffer from adrenal fatigue? Fun Fact: The adrenal glands help to control stress management and metabolism. There’s also a condition in alternative medicine known as adrenal fatigue. It’s believed this is related to the glands not producing enough hormones. If you have this condition then you’ll need adrenal fatigue relief, which can include a wide range of holistic (whole-body) treatments. These are better options than prescription drugs if you want to avoid strong chemicals and the possible side-effects they could cause. There are various treatments like essential oils that don’t contain strong chemicals and the possible unwanted side-effects.

The adrenal glands are important for various body functions. They include metabolism and stress management. So like other body parts, it’s critical to keep them as healthy as possible. One way to do that is to treat various conditions that arise like adrenal fatigue. There are tons of essential oils that can support the body but certain ones seem to be ideal for treating adrenal fatigue. They include lavender, frankincense, and nutmeg. According to alternative medicine, these plant-based oils are effective in helping the adrenal glands produce more hormones, which can thus help to treat the particular condition effectively.  

What Exactly Is Adrenal Fatigue?

It’s worth noting that there’s some debate about the condition itself because the traditional medical world doesn’t define “adrenal fatigue” as an actual condition. There isn’t really any scientific proof that this condition is a thing.

It’s very popular in the world of alternative medicine. The idea appeared in the late 1990s and it’s claimed that the disorder is real ad affects many people.

The term was created by a chiropractor who developed the diagnosis. Information about the condition was then published. It was first used in a book with the same name as the condition.

People who support the idea of adrenal fatigue argue that the condition results when adrenal glands are “tired” and don’t make enough hormones. In fact, the glands are affected by several disorders that have been documented as such.

The main cause of the condition is reportedly stress. This could be physical, mental, or emotional. It’s believed that when a person has these experiences it affects the adrenal glands and triggers symptoms.

It’s believed that the symptoms of this condition include sleepiness, body hair loss, and salt cravings. These are all reportedly linked to the problem of the glands not making enough hormones.

There are also reported people who are high-risk for having this condition. They include alcohol/drug users, shift workers, people with high-stress jobs and single parents. There’s no doubt that these situations can cause stress on people’s bodies and minds.

However, a big question mark is whether or not this condition actually exists. Traditional medicine argues that there’s no scientific proof that people can actually get it.

Supporters of adrenal fatigue argue that within the time the medical world will include the condition in their medical literature in the future. It’s argued that it has to “catch up” with alternative medicine. However, it’s been 20+ years since the condition was proposed and there’s still no proof it exists.  

Adrenal Fatigue Relief: Essential Oils


This is a popular spice that’s included in lots of food and beverages. The essential oil is soothing/comforting. This helps the nervous system. It’s critical for switching off feelings of “fight or flight.” It can also help to balance hormones.

Another benefit of nutmeg is it helps to support the adrenal glands and heal them. There are studies that seem to support this.


This is one of the most common essential oils and is used to treat a wide variety of conditions. The function of this essential oil when treating adrenal glands is to provide more balancing. It can be relaxing/soothing when people get late-night energy boosts.

Another benefit is lavender can help to ditch the response known as “fight or flight.”


This essential oil can provide many healing properties and seems to help with adrenal exhaustion. The oil is effective for balancing HPA axis and calms the human nervous system.

Frankincense can also help with several symptoms of the condition. They include anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and sleeplessness. These can all affect a person’s quality of life.


There are 40+ species of spruce trees. However, it’s believed that black spruce has more healing properties. The essential oil is produced from the needles of the tree, which is originally from Canada.

It’s believed black spruce essential oil can help boost adrenal glands due to the effects. It’s warming and energizing. It’s believed these features could provide relief for adrenal fatigue.


Pine essential oil has an energizing effect, which could help when adrenal glands under-produce hormones. The oil is critical when people have “chronic fatigue syndrome.” It helps to provide energy boosts so might also help treat adrenal fatigue.

Pine also might help to boost the immune system. This is critical since it’s often connected with the adrenal glands.

Top Foods for Adrenal Glands


Some key ones to get for health adrenal glands include Vitamin Bs and Vitamin C. these include options like beans and citrus fruits. You should also go with high-magnesium foods like nuts/seeds. Make sure to research which foods are high in these particular nutrients. You should consume more to treat the condition.  


Make sure to follow the “Eat your veggies” rule if you want better adrenal gland health. These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for better adrenal gland health. The US Department of Agriculture recommends that fruits and veggies make up half your diet.


These foods are often criticized for being high-cholesterol. Eggs are high in cholesterol but it’s the good kind instead of bad cholesterol. Make sure to consume the whole egg in order to get a “complete protein.” You also get more vitamins/minerals.


If you’re going to eat fish then consider fatty fish. Some options include tuna, mackerel, trout, herring, and sardines. These are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical for good health. You can consume other fish but high-omega-3 fish are generally the best in terms of nutritional value.


These are one of the healthiest kinds of veggies you can eat. They include spinach, kale, and collards. Make sure you eat different kinds to get different kinds of nutrients. You can prepare them in different ways like salads, casseroles, and smoothies. Green leafy veggies are also low-calorie/carb so you can eat a lot without worrying about weight gain.


It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet for good adrenal health. This includes healthy sources of carbs, protein, and fats. For example, it’s important to consume healthy fatty acids versus saturated/trans fats. You should also go with lean meats, fish, etc. instead of canned meats for adrenal fatigue relief.