4 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Sleep – Slim Trim Shape

Do you have problems getting enough shut-eye at night? If so, you pick among different essential oils for sleep. This includes applications like diffusers and massage. It normally takes people 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep. Sometimes we have problems dozing off due to factors like mental stress, hot temperatures, and heavy snacks. These situations can cause you to toss and turn a long time even if you’ve counted sleep and drank a glass of milk. The good news is you can use certain essential oils to help you doze off when you’ve been tossing and turning for several hours. Studies show they can help people get drowsy and get a full night’s sleep.

Scientists report there are 90+ essential oils on the market. They can have different functions, like treating headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea. Another key function is to help you fall asleep faster. The various options include lavender, citrus, and rose. These are all good options to help you get a good night’s sleep. It’s all about relaxing so your body’s function slows down. There are various ways the oils can help you sleep, including the effects on the person’s skin and breathing.   

What Prevents People from Falling Asleep?

There are various reasons why people are unable to get enough shut-eye at night. This could involve falling asleep from the get-go or waking up several times during the night and not getting enough “deep” sleep. Insomnia can cause various physical/mental effects and hurt your daily life.

The amount of sleep that people need varies. Some people feel rested after 6 hours. However, in general, people should get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep after hitting the hay. Sometimes, more sleep might be needed, like after a tough workout.

When people can’t sleep well at night it can cause various issues during the daytime. They include symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and moodiness. They might also keep dozing off during the daytime because lack of sleep is causing drowsiness.

There are also various physical signs of insomnia that can appear on your face. They include under-eye dark circles that appear over time. You can use a “concealer” to cover the circles but a better approach is to deal with the problem itself. If you’re experiencing a lack of sleep then you should deal with that problem.

There are several reasons why adults are unable to get enough sleep at night. They include sleeping pattern changes, medical conditions, and lifestyle. In some cases, people require medical treatments to get a good night’s sleep. However, in other situations, you can make some lifestyle tweaks.

While there are several causes of sleep deprivation here are some of the main ones:

  • Aging
  • Caffeine
  • Noise
  • Exercising
  • Excitement
  • TV/Games before bedtime
  • Environment

 These are some issues that might prevent you from falling asleep. There are other possible factors like getting too much sleep, jet lag, prescription meds, and little sunlight. Other common causes are stress and anxiety. It can cause various sleep conditions that prevent you from sleeping enough.

How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep


This is a great way to use essential oils so your skin can benefit from contacting the oils. It involves the oils getting massaged into your skin, which can allow you to benefit from its properties. This includes oils like citrus that are known to help people calm down.

Another benefit you get is breathing in the essential oil’s scent. This can also help you relax and fall asleep faster, which is your ultimate goal.


This is another effective way you can benefit from the calming effect of essential oils. For example, you could use a calming oil in a shampoo/conditioner at nighttime. This will help to calm your nerves and prepare you for sleep.

There is a wide range of different hair care products on the market with essential oils. Make sure you pick one that can help calm muscles, nerves, and minds so you can doze off faster.  


This is one of the best ways you can fall asleep because you can fill the room with the scent of a particular essential oil that has a calming effect. Certain oils provide relaxing/calming benefits that can improve the quality of sleep.

Certainly, oils are effective for helping you to relax your mind/body. When that happens it can make it easier to doze off at bedtime. Different oils have different functions. A diffuser can convert the oil into a vapor so you can breathe in the aromas that can help you relax.


This option provides a similar one as a diffuser. The difference is it creates a mist instead of vapor. It’s not as effective as filling the whole room with the essential oil but it’s much easier since you can spray the area around your bed, for example. This can help you fall asleep faster.

Top Essential Oils For Better Sleep

CitrusHere’s another good option for helping to get more sleep. Studies show that it might help to promote sleep. However, it depends on the patient’s reaction to a particular citrus oil. It’s a good idea to try different ones and find out which one works best for your situation.


This one has a floral scent, and studies show it can help to reduce anxiety and stress. When it’s combined with geranium, it seems to have even more effectiveness. Some sleep experts suggest a supplement known as valerian for falling asleep. However, rose or geranium can have similar effects.  


This scent is included in lots of foods, but the original one from vanilla beans seems to help with stress relief and relaxation. Studies show that vanilla can help the body to calm down. It can also help make people feel relaxed and calm. It even seems to help lower blood pressure.

Some studies also show that vanilla can provide other benefits like lifting the mood. The reason that smelling cooking bake might relax people is the vanilla. The essential oil also seems to help people catch Z’s.


Here’s a good essential oil that has an earthy scent. It’s been used since ancient times for anxiety relief and relaxation. Scientific studies show that it’s effective in helping to reduce anxiety. It also shows it can help to calm you down.


This is easily one of the best-known essential oils for sleep/relaxation. It’s a good idea for people who have sleep disorders. It has a soothing scent that’s been linked to relaxation, anti-anxiety, and sleep. This oil is probably the most-studied one for helping people calm down.

the oil also has many anti-anxiety properties. Besides that, some studies show that lavender might help to fight depression as one of the essential oils for sleep.