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Abel made some appalling discoveries that falsified a lot of past information he knew about nutrition, health, and fitness. He finally decided to give up on the so-called “gurus” and “experts” after several years of increasing flab, frustration, and sickness. He decided to go into some research and find out the truth for himself. This research was what birthed fat-burning men. Abel discovered from his research that the low cholesterol and “healthy” low-fat diet combined with his “effective” running plan as recommended by TV shows, doctors and magazines were all causing him to get sick and fat.

Abel said once he began practicing the opposite instructions given by his doctor, there was a dramatic improvement in his health – healing his malfunctioning thyroid, reversing hypertension, and effortless shedding of twenty pounds in forty days. A few years later and being the host of an award-winning show, fat-burning man, Abel now helps others in improving their life, activity, and food relationship by circumventing misinformation, corporate scheming, and marketing myths by engaging in science-backed effective training and consuming real foods to make the person healthy, energetic and lean.

More About Fat-Burning Man

Abel does not claim to be a guru in this field, he may not be able to answer all the questions. The best expert you can find for you is YOU. Through his coaching, books, and podcasts, this show is dedicated to assisting others to get optimal health and achieve their highest potential while being the experts for themselves. After all, the work of experts is to build your behaviors until you need them no more.

With the increasing number of people needing to burn down fat, there is a need for help in reversing the health and obesity crisis. On the show, you get to learn firsthand some of Abel’s systems and principles that will help others enhance their health and shed off unwanted fats in a fun, lifelong, and completely honest way.

Question And Answers

Here are some of the questions Abel have had to answer over the years:

1. What inspired his show?

Abel’s answer to this is that people deserve to be told the truth. In this present day, lots of American citizens are morbidly obese or overweight. He expressed his extreme passion for addressing the health crisis and obesity epidemic to improve as much life as possible.

He desires to have an abode where different people can debate and discuss issues that matter and are not limited to fitness and fat loss but also their life quality and their health. He also felt the obligation to spill the truth on fitness, health, and nutrition so people do not fall victim to deceptive and misleading marketing practices, corporate propaganda, and interest that so far has accelerated the nationwide health and obesity epidemic crisis.

Abel wants to show that you can eat delicious awesome food and still achieve your strong, healthy, and lean goals. The charts of his show climbed to the top just one month after it was launched and soon hit one in more than eight countries. This happened because of its listeners. A show which was just a hobby at the beginning because of a podcast with about five hundred thousand downloads in a month. With no sponsors, no PR, no media campaigns, or no corporation it is worth applauding how this show grew.

2. What makes this show unique?

One thing that makes Abel’s show stand out from millions of others is that Abel practices what he preaches. Unlike some other fitness and diet professionals, this show is beyond a job, it is a lifestyle and a calling. He is led by his extreme passion to address the global health crisis and the obesity epidemic.

3. Are there no enemies seeing that his approach is different from others?

Abel said he is not worried about making enemies. He needs to call out marketers, diet gurus, corporations, and swindlers and tell what is going on. He exposes deceptive marketing, misinformation, and myths to keep people informed in their decision making.

4. Why should he be listened to?

Well, it is normal for you not to read his blogs or listen to his podcast with some misinformation flooding the internet. Skepticism is expected for a first-time listener but Abel is confident in his writing and words and his success speaks for him. There are also people whom he has trained that have their testimonials.

5. Any credentials?

Abel has been called a madman who is in a wild search for research and knowledge. After high school, he got a psychological and brain science degree from a good college where he graduated with honors. He has conducted some research worldwide to dip out the truth for his consumers.

Should You Give This A Try

We already admitted earlier that the rate at which obesity and ill health has been increasing rapidly worldwide, people will easily jump at what seems to be the solution. But you will be making a mistake if you swallow the wrong information hook, line, and sinker. We might not be able to vouch for this Abel guy a hundred percent but he has put in so much work in this industry that he deserves a glance from you.

Not only has he put In so much work but he is treading a different path from the norm and that in itself deserves applause. From his history, we see that he practiced what he preaches and it worked for him, his deciding to sell this out goes to show that he trusts the process that made him.

Fat-burning man shows are steadily gaining more popularity and testimonials are coming from it. Although it may not have a hundred percent success rate in which no weight loss therapy can boast off, its results show that it may be okay to practice. But keep in mind that every individual’s body is different and doesn’t expect everyone to react the same.