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There has always been a subjective context when it comes to fat vs skinny. Which is better? In this world of differences, some are considered fat. Visible fats swinging around as you jump and sway, and skinny, those who have eaten a whole box of chocolates but would not put a pound or more. Everyone always had a cent or two about how people look and how they should look that’s why there is a growing fad of weight loss programs and plans as well as workouts and exercise for those who have trouble gaining weight. Would you believe that various studies show that there are people who are fit and skinny but are deemed to be overweight and there are those who are considered fat as fit and healthy?

When you visit online stores and browse through the internet, you will see that there are a lot of products like diet plans, foods, and supplements that are centered around fitness and wellness. But what are the main differences between fat vs skinny and how will you know if you are healthy? Some would say that if you are skinny, you are automatically fit but research and studies say otherwise. Some would see lean and fat-looking individuals and assume that they are overweight or unhealthy but some differences disagree. In this read, we will learn more about the differences between fat vs skinny and we will also tackle ways on how to be fit and healthy for both body types. 

Fat vs Skinny: Differences and Most Common Misconceptions

There is a never-ending topic between being fat and skinny all the time. Society has always put pressure on people to be at their best or else, there will be bashing and criticism coming along your way. What does being fat vs skinny mean?

You would not be surprised to know that the United States is one with the highest percentage of obese and overweight population. There are at least 140 million who are 20 years and up that are overweight, 67 million are obese and 9 million are morbidly obese. On the other side of the coin, some are visually skinny and healthy but could be prone to the same health and overweight issues as those who suffer from unmanageable fat. 

What Does Being Fat Mean?

In general, being fat or overweight means that you have more than enough fat in your body to be considered healthy. This means that you have more subcutaneous fat or fats that could be seen. It is most common for those who have a sedentary lifestyle and who also eat foods that do not have enough nutritional value. According to recent research, there has been an epidemic when it comes to excess weight proportions around the world and this needs to be addressed if we want to avoid weight and fat-causing diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. 

To determine if you are on the right scale of things, the World Health Organization has this Body Mass Index level calculation. This uses your weight and height to calculate your scaling. How to calculate? Multiply weight by 704.5 and then divide it with your height. So the formula on that is this: (Lbs x 704.5/ Inches/ Inches) Right after you do the calculation, refer to the list below to see which category you are in. 

  • Normal. BMI is from 18.5 to 24.9.
  • Overweight. BMI is at 25 and up.
  • Obese. BMI of 30 and up
  • Morbidly Obese. BMI is at 40 and more.

What Does Being Skinny Mean?

There is always a misconception that if you look skinny or thin, you are already healthy. But the WHO said that there is more to that. Those who are on the skinny body condition are those who look healthy and skinny but also have health issues like those with more fat than they can take. There is no standard BMI for this type as their Body Mass Index is found to be normal for their height and weight but they have more than fat in their body but do not have enough muscle to be able to support full-on health. Here are the most common causes of those who are on the skinny body. 

For those with a skinny body, they may have more visceral fat or fats that we cannot see or touch. These are facts that would be wrapped around the intestines, kidneys, abdominal cavities, and liver. Visceral fats are dangerous because unlike subcutaneous fats, there is no indication that you already have more fat than you need. 

Fact Checks on Fat vs Skinny Misconceptions

There has always been misinformation surrounding fat and how it’s formed and why skinny people are skinny as they are. Here are some of these Myth busters collated for you. 

1. Being Skinny Fat is as real as it is

This kind of fat is as harmful as that of fats that can be seen. The problem with this kind is that it is not being seen and it can be packed or wrapped around organs that do most of the body’s work.

2. DNA and genetics is not everything

Indeed, genetics are not solely the main reason for the state of your body now. We cannot deny that yes, somehow, a strand of the DNA from your genes could affect some of your habits and eating lifestyle but the great news is that you can allow your genes to be switched on and off. You have control over everything and what your mind can conceive, your body can truly achieve. 

3. Saturated Fats can be good for you. 

In the late 1950s, Americans were prohibited to eat whole fats because it was pinpointed as the main reason for obesity. Good news folks, you can now eat and drink full-fat drinks and meals in moderation as it may serve as protein. 

4. Yes, you can both be fit and fat

Yes, you have read that right. Those who are fat may also be considered as fit as BMI is not everything. There has been a study conducted that those who are overweight were tested and were found out that they have normal blood pressure levels. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

We know that in this world of comparison, we are so fed up when it comes to comparing fat vs skinny. Can’t we just all be beautiful and unique in our way? But reality bites that factors contribute to our body state and health goals. We have compiled several tips for your healthy lifestyle journey

  • Eat-in controlled and regular portion sizes. 
  • Drink up!
  • Eat food varieties.
  • Reduce sugar and salt intake
  • Exercise!
  • Make gradual changes in lifestyle and habits. Start now!

Fat vs skinny? There is no way to determine which of the two is better as both have pros and cons. The best thing that you can do today starts getting on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, and don’t just be good at the start, do it throughout!