How to Make Homemade Drawing Salve With Turmeric – Slim Trim Shape

Are you dealing with skin inflammations? If so, then one of the treatment options you have is a homemade drawing salve. 

There are several causes of skin inflammations. They include heat, allergic reactions, bacteria/fungi, and immune system problems. If you experience any of these skin infections, then it’s critical to deal with them effectively. You can use one of the various prescription meds on the market. The problem with this approach is that it might cause unwanted side-effects. That’s due to the strong chemicals they contain. That can make a bad situation worse, which you’ll want to avoid.

The good news is you can use various DIY drawing salves. Several options include herbs, baking soda, and activated charcoal. These are powerful yet natural ingredients that can help to fight the symptoms of skin inflammation. These options are less likely to cause unwanted side-effects. For example, turmeric is best known as the main ingredient in chicken curry and other variants. The super spice also contains a powerful chemical that can provide health benefits when used as a drawing salve, for example. So you can get relief from the skin condition and speed up the healing process.

What in the World Is a Drawing Salve?

In the past, the term drawing referred to getting rid of the skin conditions by removing bad spirits. Today, a drawing salve is a kind of ointment that’s used in treating various skin inflammation. The term refers to the ointment’s ability to draw out several problems like skin infections, insect poisons, wood splinters, and ingrown toenails. 

In the late 1800s, drawing salves became famous as a widely-advertised medicine/balm. It involves catchy slogans, packaging, and testimonials. One of the problems is advertising was not regulated as well as it is today.

The salve is also known by the name Black Ointment. It included a blend of different ingredients, like roots, herbs, oils, and extracts, to help soothe irritated skin.

There are various drawing salves on the market. They include different ingredients, like alcohol and several herbs. They are combined with other stuff like essential oils, Vitamin E, and beeswax.

One of the most popular ingredients is a substance that is found in a certain kind of rock. It works by making soft skin by weakening it a little. It boosts blood circulation. After more blood moves to the region, the wound’s healing speeds up by getting rid of the irritant/pus.

Today drawing salves are still popular. It is often considered a critical ingredient for treating various skin irritations. It is especially popular when dealing with injuries due to splinters, thorns, and stings. Modern science has proven that salves help to soothe irritated skin. 

Homemade Drawing Salve with Turmeric

The main ingredient in curry dishes can also be used to make a DIY drawing salve. Hippocrates (The Father of Medicine) stated in ancient Greece that food should be medicine, and medicine should be food.


  • 1 tablespoon Honey
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder
  • 1/3 teaspoon sea salt


  1. Pour honey into a mixing bowl. Then stir in turmeric powder and mix well.
  2. Add ginger powder, sea salt to the blend. Stir completely until you have the texture of a thick paste.

How to use it: 

  1. Add the paste to a skin problem. Cover a 2-inch space around the skin condition.
  2. Wrap the treated area with plastic then add a cloth/bandage.
  3. Make sure the area stays dry for 2 days. 
  4. Wash off the mixture
  5. If necessary apply the paste again to keep the treatment going.

There’s a close link between food and health. Many health experts argue that most health conditions are related to food. In the case of turmeric, it can be used as a cooking ingredient and medicine.

The herb is used in Asian cuisine and is probably known as the key ingredient in curry dishes. However, research shows that the spice also seems to provide several health benefits.

For example, the American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that turmeric seems to slow down the growth of some cancer tumors. It is good news for anyone who’s fighting the serious disease.

Another use of turmeric for medicinal purposes is as a drawing salve.  It’s used to draw out infections from different skin irritations including boils and hemorrhoids.