How Many Calories In Water: Plain vs Carbonated vs Flavored fat water

Water, in general, has zero calories because it does not contain nutrients but other types could contain traces of calories in it. Find out more. .

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Water is life. Given that we consume at least 5-6 liters of water every day, you may be wondering how many calories in water are we getting daily? 

The body is composed of about 60% of water, and without it, chances of survival are slim. It helps transport nutrients, gives structure to tissues and cells, regulates the temperature. It also removes toxins and waste in the body. 

Apart from the regular water we drink, there are other types of water already being sold in the market. The main categories are that of carbonated and flavored water. With all of these coming out, we’re sure there could be at least a slight curiosity from you to know if these drinks contain calories and how many calories in water can we get from it?

According to recent statistics, an average American could drink at least 5 liters of water and use 120- 175 gallons of water in a day for all other uses such as cleaning, bathing, laundry, and all other things that need water. And if we sum it all up, a staggering 4 trillion meters of cubic freshwater is being used for a year in the US alone! It just shows how important water is in our everyday lives. Since it is this vital, we also need to dig deep into how many calories in the water we get daily its health benefits, and all that there is to know about this water of life. 

Calories in Water: Plain, Carbonated and Flavored

Does plain water have calories in it? The answer is none. Calories come from protein carbs and fats. Plain water is not only calorie-friendly, but it also contains the nutrients needed in our body. 


You might be wondering, how about alcohol? While it’s true that it is not considered as a nutrient, it has calories as well because of the added ingredients in it. Although plan water has no trace of calories, it can contain minerals like copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and sodium. There has been a study conducted that a 2 liter of water consumed in a day could already help out with the 8-16% recommended daily calcium intake and at least 6-31% recommended intake for magnesium.  

Carbonated Water

As mentioned, water industries have formulated new types of water, and carbonated water is one of them. It’s known as the tonic, club soda, sparkling, and seltzer. It contains carbonic acid, which is produced from carbon monoxide. This type of water gives off a tang and fizz as it is enhanced to give of flavor if plain water’s too boring for you. How many calories in water do you get from this type? Since it is added with sugar, carbonated water, in general, may contain at least 124 calories in a 355 ml or 12-ounce bottle. There are also diet versions of tonic water that are calorie-free.

Flavored Water

Plain water is mostly boring for some. That’s why the times have made innovative changes, and there are now fruit-infused drinks or flavored water that you can drink any time of the day. The good thing with it is that since fruits are normally low in calories, you can expect little to no calorie content in your drink as well. 

Fruit-infused waters or fruit-flavored drinks are sliced fruit and herbs that are soaked in water for a few hours for added taste. An example is that of lemon-infused water. You can get 11 calories out of it. Of course, if you buy fruit flavored water in stores, it may contain sugar and sweetened concentrates that may contain more calories. If you like to keep everything at bay, prepare your own by slicing your desired fruit and infuse it with water for several hours. 

Drinks with Lesser Calories: A Comparison

You may be in the dilemma of finding the right drink for you. The confusion also starts on whether which of these drinks contain lesser calories. In this portion, we will compare the kinds of carbonated and flavored drinks to help you decide on your choices moving forward. 

1. Flavored (Apple Juice vs. Orange Juice)

These fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that will not only quench your thirst but also nourish your body. But how many calories in water do you get from the two? Orange contains at least 120 calories while apples are at 107. The apple juice wins this round. Still, the difference is close. 

2. Carbonated (Tonic Water vs Seltzer or Soda Water)

There is a common misconception that these two are the same. Yes, they come from the same root but the calorie count in each has a huge difference.

Soda water is a better choice from the two as it does not contain any calories- just a slight 2.8 grams of sugar while tonic has 21.5 grams of sugar and 83 calories. It’s just like drinking a can of soda. Now that’s what we call a fizz check!

3. Tea vs Black Coffee

Now, we know that we are only focusing on carbonated, flavored, and plain water in this read but we just can’t help but put in tea and coffee in here as some people consider it staple water in their everyday life. Some people drink coffee and tea like it’s their lifeline! It’s a tie for this one as both contain the same amount of around 8 calories to none. Of course, calories would then differ after additional preferences like sugar, milk, and others are included. 

Health Benefits and Recommended Water Daily Intake

The amount of water you need every day depends on many factors such as age, sex, activities, where you live, weight, height, and many more. But according to the National Academy of Medicine, women, in general, should drink at least 2.7 liters of water a day while men should take at least 3.7 liters or 125 ounces. 20% of this could usually come from the food that you eat, and 80% is from water and beverages you consume a day.

We know that water is the fountain of life and we need it every day to survive. Here are some facts and health benefits in water that would make you want to drink more. 

  • Good for the Skin
  • Maintains Balanced Body Fluids
  • Muscle Energizer
  • Better Bowel Movement
  • Controls Calories
  • Helps Cleanse Kidneys

The bottom-line question is how many calories in water do you get from plain, carbonated, and flavored water? Carbonated water is the one with most calories in it compared to flavored water which is generally low in calories while plain water has zero calories. Water intake varies from one person to another but here’s one thing to remember, when in doubt, just drink water. You’d never go wrong with it.

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