7 Ways on How To Shred Body Fat In A Week – Slim Trim Shape

Fat shredding is using the stored fat in your body for exercise and muscle building. How to shred this fat is not as complicated as it looks. Have you ever admired Jason Momoa’s bulky physique and ripped biceps and strong arms? Well, one thing you should know is that the life expectancy of this look is not permanent and you cannot expect them to look like that all the time. The good thing is that with proper exercise, diet, and workout routine, the question on how to shred body fat and make use of it to build those muscles is no secret at all. Some experts say you can start doing it in a matter of 7 days only. Can you believe that?

Who does not want to look like those magazine models and tv personalities with toned arms, muscles, and hot looking legs? We all would- in a world where everything is perfect, we would. But we are not in a perfect world and getting to this goal would not be achieved by just eating popcorn and lounging in your chair while watching these almost-perfect humans strut your television screens- no. It requires a strict diet, commitment, and dedication. In this read, we will talk about how to shred your fat into muscles in just 7 days. We will also collate foods that you can eat to burn those fats and provide you with some motivation by giving you a list of several health benefits in cutting out fat. 

How To Shred Fat in 7 Days

As mentioned above, nothing comes easy and if you’re in it, you’ll win it. Before you continue, ask yourself if you would like to change something in your lifestyle and physique and then start from there. Whether the purpose is to look better or achieve optimum health, the goal is to shed those fats in a week and continue it moving forward. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Kick-off by being lean. If all you see in your belly, arms, and legs are fats, the tough truth there is to start by eating the right diet. You would need to start the race by eating right. The rest will follow. 
  2. Count your calories. Work out the math. Have you done the first step? If yes, then you should be following a certain diet with a counted calorie intake per day. You can start by eating at least 10-11 calories and one gram of protein for each pound that you have in your current body weight. 20% of these calories that you consume each day should be from protein, and the rest is allocated for carbohydrates. 
  3. Remove allergens. Since you have started doing a diet plan, you may want to cut out from anything that would be high in carbohydrates like artificial sweeteners, milk, and wheat bread. That goes for all those who are allergic and non-allergic as irritation may cause water retention and bloat. Your body will thank you for a week later!
  4. Prime and prepare your muscles. Muscles can bulge and grow out when they’re already out with glycogen or those carbohydrates that are kept in the muscle. So give your muscles time to replenish and recover, and in the straight seven days, do not do cardio exercise, too.
  5. Load up with Carbohydrates. Right after your very last workout session, consume three grams of carbohydrates for each pound of your weight. Do it throughout the day. 
  6. Hydrate! Do not miss your water and drink it normally until it’s the last evening of your 7-day training workout. On the last day of your training, decrease your intake into half. 
  7. Salt is your friend. There is no need to cut back from salt and put salt in your food until the 6th day of the training workout. After the 6th day, avoid excessive salt. 

How The 7-day Shredding Looks Like: Foods To Eat For Maintenance

To give a visual summary on how the 7-day plan works, here’s what it would look like:

  • Saturday (One week before the goal)
  • Figure out your diet and eat accordingly. Remove all possible allergens.
  • Wednesday (3 days before goal):
  • Complete your final workout for the week and focus on the parts of your body that you would want to look best like the chest and arms. After training, increase carb consumption throughout the day.
  • Thursday (two days before the goal)
  • Be conservative and adjust carbs if needed. 
  • Friday (One day more)
  • Stop salt on the last night and reduce water intake in the evening before the last day.
  • Saturday (Goal Day)
  • Avoid sodium and only drink half of what you normally do.

The commitment on how to shred fats could be longer than a week but with dedication and the right guidelines, it can be achieved. Here are some of the foods that you can consume to aid you in the first step in fat shredding.  

 Health Benefits from Cutting Down on Fat

The question on how to shred fat has already been discussed above but to give you a little push and motivation to do this commitment, we have created a list of health benefits that you can get from doing it. Whatever your purpose is from shedding those fats, it will all lead to a better, healthier you. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from your commitment to shredding fats and losing that extra weight. 

  • Improved blood pressure levels. 
  • Lower cholesterol levels.
  • Lowered risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • Lowered risk in stroke
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved mobility
  • Better sleeping conditions and reduced risk from sleep apnea
  • Improved sugar levels
  • The lowered risk from cardiovascular illnesses
  • Decreased exposure from cancer and other related diseases

There are a lot of ways on how to shred fat and make it into useful muscles that our body can benefit from a day in and day out. But as mentioned countless times, without the right dedication and commitment from doing it, there will be no progress. You can follow the 7-day training plan above, but what comes right after it will be the basis on how long the improvement will last. 

You can always visit and consult a medical health professional if you are interested to know more about losing and shredding fat. If you see that there is something that needs to be changed, there is no better time than now to get on to it!