How To Take Diatomaceous Earth? | Slim Trim Shape

Have you ever come across something so useful and you can’t help but wonder how it is so useful? Or have you ever come across something so useful and you can’t help but wonder how something of such source is this useful? Well, that’s the case with this guy right here. Diatomaceous earth comes with a lot of uses. And it is simply gotten from sediments of algae found in water bodies. Isn’t that interesting? The thing with the sediments found is that they are very high in silica. Because of this, their dried form produces substances that are very high in silica. This is the reason why diatomaceous earth is very useful. So how to take diatomaceous earth? That’s what we will be looking at today. 

As mentioned earlier, diatomaceous earth is known to have a lot of uses. And its use varies across different spheres. So to give you an idea of what you can use this for we will be taking a look at the different uses of this product. At the same time, we will be taking a look at some of the side effects that comes with using it. At least by knowing the side effect, you would have an idea of the side effects and how to avoid them. This just gives you an idea of what to expect when using this substance. Let’s get right into it. 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth has been existing for quite some time. The deposits from which this substance is can be found all over the world. That’s why the ancient Greeks had access to this. And for so many years they have been using this to make blocks and bricks. After so many years it then became popular in Europe where it was used for many industrial purposes. 

This substance can be taken by mouth. And when it’s taken it serves as a source of silica to the body. And it is used for treating various conditions like constipation, high cholesterol levels, and improving the health of different parts of the body like the skin, teeth, and nails

Also, it is used for removing unwanted substances from drinking water. It can be used as a filler or for preventing the formation of lumps in medicine and food. It can be also used as an insecticide. There is sure a vast use of this substance all around the world. And we will be taking a closer look at this later on. 

This compound as mentioned before contains silica. It contains about 80-90% silica. And it is known to help kill insects by drying them out or dehydrating them. At the same time, it works as a filter by allowing liquids to pass through but prevents the passage of unwanted material. 


Body detox

One of the uses of this substance is for detoxification. It helps maintain optimal gut health. And it does this by attracting toxins that are harmful to the body. After that, it flushes these toxins out of the body. For detox purposes, you can take a teaspoon of food-grade DE. This should be taken with water. Make sure that you take a lot of water throughout the day. This is to ensure that you stay hydrated. This can also be mixed with other liquids like smoothies, fruit juice, and even yogurt. Just make sure that you take enough water that day. 

Teeth whitening

This substance is known to be gentle abrasive. That’s why it is known to help whiten the teeth. All you have to do is sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on your toothpaste before you brush. This would help give a deep clean of your teeth. One thing though is that this must not be done every day. This is something that should be done once in a while. And that’s because it can damage the enamel. 

Improves joint and bone health

This substance has proven to help improve connective tissue health. That’s why this substance is very effective in fighting against bone disorders such as osteoporosis. 

Pest control

One action of this substance is getting rid of pests. What it does is that it removes the waxy layer covering insects. And this causes the insect to dehydrate. All you have to do is apply it to places where you think pests lurk around in your home. This can be done within the space of 3-4 weeks. So you can repeat this after every 3 weeks or 4 weeks. This is a lot cheaper and safer compared to those insecticides being sold out there. 

Skin exfoliation: This is can be a great ingredient for your facial scrub or mask. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth with diluted honey, milk, or water. Then after you make the thick paste you can apply it to your face. Leave it for about 1-2 minutes and then remove it with a clean warm washcloth. This should be done in circular motions. 

Side Effects 

In terms of side effects, there is very little information about this. It is not known whether consuming this is safe or not. The only thing known is that people that work with this substance in large amounts are prone to having lung problems. The lung problem could be as bad as lung cancer. Also when rubbed on the skin it can cause wounds. 

Take note that the safety of this drug in pregnant and breastfeeding women is not known. So if you fall into any of those two categories it is advised that you don’t take the substance. As this could be harmful to your baby. 


The dosage of diatomaceous earth is dependent on a lot of things. Such as the age and health of the patient. But as of now, there isn’t enough information to determine the dosage of this substance. The best thing is to follow the instructions on the label. This would best guide you as to how to use it. 

This substance is indeed very beneficial. But when using it you have to be careful. Make sure you know how to take diatomaceous earth. If you will be applying it somewhere make sure you have an idea of how to do it properly.