9 Hacks On How To Thicken Your Hair – Slim Trim Shape

Our hair is our crowning glory, and it is one of our most prominent features. This could be because our hair is situated right on top of our heads and close to our faces. Several different factors can affect the health of our hair, such as genes, diet, and our chosen lifestyle. One of the things people dread the most in terms of hair health is the thinning of hair and its lack of vibrancy. Fear not, as several hair hacks can help you thicken your hair and improve overall hair health. Read on to find out more!

Hair and Personal Image: Why it is so important

People with long vibrant hair can be a thing of envy for most people with mediocre or even bad hair. Who does not long for hair strands that are voluminous, bouncy, and thick? While there are some up-sides to having thinner hair, such as less time for blow-drying, fewer products needed for caring for the hair, and reduced risk of the drain getting clogged with a bunch of hair. But the look and the feel of having a full head of hair that is vibrant and healthy is something that most people generally aspire to.  

Fortunately for us, there are several ways (or hacks, as some people would call them) to fuller, thicker, and more vibrant locks of hair, and you can read all about these hacks in this article.

Nine (9) of the best hacks for hair that is thicker

Enumerate below are nine (9) of the best hacks for thicker hair: 

1. Be a smart hair washer

Sulfates are not okay for washing hair. While they are cleansers that are foamy and they can help penetrate hair grease quickly, this can result in a dry and flaky scalp. This may cause lipid barrier damage and the onset of scalp irritation. As such, it is recommended to go for a shampoo that is free from the sulfate. 

2. Invest in styling products that can aid in thickening hair

It may sound so logical, but choosing items that can help aid in thickening hair can make quite a significant improvement. 

3. Adding waves can help add a thickness to the hair

Utilizing a curler tong can help the hair look longer and thicker. This will not only provide some much-needed width to hair, but it can also grant the individual’s hair a fuller look with a more defined dimension. To protect the hair from possible damage caused by the curler tong’s heat, have the hair sprayed with hair protection before starting with the curling routine.

You can also have your hair curls defined. Wispy hair curls can be given a curl cream for a better definition, the hair can look better with curls that are fuller and thicker. 

4. Scalp deep cleaned weekly

Deep cleaning of the scalp should only be done every week. This is because while hair thickener products and other similar items can be awesome for improving hair health, the said products can build up on the strands and the scalp. A deep cleanse weekly using a clarifying shampoo can help reduce residual hair products that are stubborn.

5. Try changing the parting on your hair

Hair flipped to one side compared to the opposite one where it is usually parted to can provide the hair with a volume and thickness boost that is instantaneous. People can also put some volume powder of hair roots to give a little more oomph in the hair hold and height department.

6. Hair extensions

People may stop and think that hair extensions can be a big problem if not properly achieved. But regardless of whether or not an individual is a seasoned professional or a newbie when it comes to hair extension, once these hair extensions are correctly applied, extensions of the hair can be an extremely effective way to get locks and hair that are thicker. 

For people who have tried almost any kind of hair extensions methods such as weaves, micro-rings, and tape-ins, bonds can be 100% worth it in terms of extending hair and making hair look thicker. While having the bonds applied can take a serious amount of time (often for several hours), the finished product can last for almost a year (9 months to be exact). One of the major advantages of the said extensions for the hair is the flexibility it can provide and the precision with which the hair is specifically placed on the desired part. One can say that adding extension bonds to hair is like getting extra thickness to the hair can be something tailored to suit the needs of the individual. A reliable hairstylist is needed to accomplish this and while the process can take some time the resulting final product is indeed worth it- a finish that is fuller and thicker. 

7. Supplements for hair growth can also help improve hair thickness

If you tried some of the earlier entries but you still haven’t found success o if you are still not satisfied with the results of your hair thickeners, then it may be time to try out some health supplements that can aid in hair growth. Instead of going for a brand being touted by celebrities. Instead, go for brands that are trusted and go for products that contain specific nutrients and minerals. These include vitamin b, biotin, and Iron. 

8. Have the hair cut above or at shoulder length

 Sometimes people interchange long hair with thick hair, but these things are not the same. For those with thin hair, experts advise that the hair be cut at or above the shoulder (medium length). This is because fine hair that is long can look way thinner than it is. This is because hair can be pulled down by its weight.