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The day you decided to go on a weight loss journey there are several factors that you may not have considered. The time, effort, determination, all these are usually on a fuller drive at the beginning but give it some weeks and they begin to dwindle. After a while, you might even start considering quitting the whole thing and returning to your comfort zone. This is a normal feeling, don’t beat yourself up for it. But there are certain ways you can help yourself and that is by following inspirational weight loss blogs. These blogs are mostly filled with contents, tips, ideas that will motivate you through the journey.

A good weight loss blog can give you a reason to stand up on your most gloomy day and get on the run. It can push you towards achieving your set goals and even mapping out new ones. Most of these bloggers can relate with your highs and lows on the journey as they have been there before so their content is very relatable and practical. In order to save you from sieving several blogs before arriving at the right ones, we are bringing to you the top four inspirational blogs for weight loss.

Top 4 Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs

In no particular order, we present the top four weight-loss bloggers to you.

1. Roni’s Weigh

Roni is a big shot in the community of health bloggers. Her blogging began in 2005 and she stayed accountable for her personal journey to weight loss. Years down the line and Roni still blogs but this time around her goal is to inspire people and share tips on how to lead a healthier, lighter life.

She is able to achieve this goal through honesty and openly chronicling her fitness, weight loss, and health goals. Roni is also the founder of the conference FitBloggin, which brings seasoned and new weight loss, health, fitness, and wellness bloggers together to share knowledge, for networking and personal growth.

Roni is clearly committed to leading a healthy life and urging others on with her. Her blog is definitely one you should check out whether you are a newbie or a professional in the weight loss journey.

2. Beth’s Journey

For almost all her life Beth struggled with weight issues. During puberty, she was overweight and became obese through high school till college. She weighed two hundred and fifty pounds. In early 2009, Beth made a decision to consciously work on her weight, this leads her to quit smoking and begin running.

At first, Beth’s weight did not go down quickly like she would have wanted so she paid attention to her diet. She became a participant of Weight Watchers and that was where she began to learn how to measure food correctly and the quantity of food she should consume per day.

Beth launched her weight loss blog to document her progress. She shares the things she has learned through her unique journey and includes some of her healthy homemade recipes. In the space of two years Beth’s weight dropped to ninety pounds, she arrived at her destination! And is still actively involved in road races.

3. Learn Fitness

If you are in need of inspiration Sean is the one for you. This fabulous male blogger has lost two hundred pounds! When you get on his blogs you will that his journey has been very well documented. Sean carries us through his goal of improved health alongside fitness with one goal, one sport per time.

His aim is to shed off two hundred and twenty-five pounds through exercise and healthy food consumption. Sean acknowledges that it took him several years to gain weight so it’s not all going to come off in a jiffy. He can relate with yo need for motivation and desire to lead a healthy life as soon as possible. Go search out his blog

4. Skinny Emmie

Here we have a young blogger that is happily married and on a two hundred and fifty five-pound loss journey. Skinny Emmie was formerly obese for most of her life. Just in case you were wondering about her name, becoming like “Skinny Emmie” is not about getting thin rather it is about finding happiness, confidence, and health.

Emmie blogs about her self discovery, getting to find ‘’ Skinny Emmie’’ her inner-man who feels great and healthy and is not slowed down by her external appearances. Emmie is honest and open to her readers. She engages them in conversations in the blog’s comment section. Emmie will love to hear about your journey and encourage you.

What Are You Waiting For?

The above-listed blogs are amongst the best out there. You are most likely to find there what you need to get on the treadmill again or to take that thirty minutes run. We all know that weight loss is more involves more than physical activities, your diet also contributes to it. In these blogs, you will also find inspiration to maintain a healthy diet.

Go For It!

Yes, you can achieve your weight loss goal. You can lose those pounds, lead a healthy and fit life. It is not an impossible feat, people have achieved it and more people are still achieving it. Your journey may differ from another but the same ingredients are needed to get to the end; perseverance, consistency, and determination.

Reading the experiences of those who have walked this path, had a taste of these ingredients and were successful will help you more than you might think. Don’t procrastinate, get your internet right now and search out these top inspirational weight loss blogs. We are waiting for your testimony.