The Keto Diet and Brittle Fingernails

As we do an eating plan, especially in the case for ketogenic diet, we are changing a lifestyle and we are changing internal components that our body is used to have.

Keto Diet and Brittle Fingernails

Hands are very important to our body as it is the holder, the doer, and the protector of many activities that we do daily. And one important part of the hand, the fingernails is not given great attention but this little fellow has a lot of surprises that we don’t know. As they say; “You can tell a lot from a person’s nails.” Some people can tell you about your personality, some can tell you about your fortune, and some can tell a person’s health condition by looking at their fingernails. But in this topic we will look on how keto diet and brittle fingernails affect each other by being on a diet, particularly ketogenic diet, where our body can experience physical changes as one of the most common side effects of keto diet. Therefore, knowledge about their connection can save us from stress and overthinking.

Having healthy fingernails is very important and keeping them clean is a responsibility that we must do. We will look at how our eating plan can affect the health of our fingernails, also the other ways or the outside forces that these fingernail encounter from our day to day hand activities. We will also look in to the things and best practices that will help keep our fingernails healthy. Most importantly understand the factors that connect the keto diet and brittle fingernails together.

Keto Diet and Brittle Fingernails? What are they?

If you’re starting to do and be in the program of the ketogenic diet, there is a big chance that you may experience a brittle fingernail. Ketogenic diet is an effective way of losing weight as it puts your body in a state of ketosis that allows your body to burn fats in every activity that you do.

In order for you to be in a state of ketosis you must eat or consume high fats, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. Now by being in this kind of program our body will take in some adjustments as it adapts to a different kind of condition that will eventually make us feel sick, have some headaches, stomach problems, and brittle fingernails. But focusing on brittle fingernails, this is a condition that makes your fingernails weak as it splits or peels by itself. This is typically a sign of ageing, but in some cases brittle fingernails happen as too much nail polishing done, weather also affects the health of our fingernails by being in a very cold environment it may cause the nails to be dry, and finally health issues a sign of weak fingernails.

How ketogenic diet affects fingernails

Because our body is taking in new minerals and reducing the minerals that it used to take it reacts greatly for a few hours, days, and weeks. Let’s look at how keto diet is affecting our body and how our fingernails are being affected:

Imbalanced Diet

As keto diet aims to lose weight, there will be great reduction of the foods that you eat. The nutrition that you usually get from eating other foods will be diminished, controlled, or eliminated giving you an imbalance food intake of every nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Low Carbs

Ketogenic diet is known for its high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. Because of the low carbs that our body takes we tend to have skin dullness, constipation, brittle hair, and brittle nails.

Lacking Iron

This mineral is important in producing red blood cells; with the lack of it it makes the skin dry, peeling fingernails, and hair loss.

If you are on a keto diet and you are experiencing brittle fingernail issues it would be wise to consult a doctor and know the levels or food that you need to take. Or go and talk to keto diet expert so they can give you advices on how to properly do ketogenic and what food to take to reduce the chances of peeling fingernails. Here are some pointers that can help in addressing brittle fingernails:

  • Take Folic Acid: taking vitamin B9 enhances nail growth as the vitamin nourishes and moisturize the tissue of the nails for growth. You can get more folic acid by eating eggs, avocado.
  • Vitamin A is essential: this vitamin serves as an antioxidant and helps the bones, teeth, and nails grow. You can source Vitamin A in foods like eggs, spinach, and milk.
  • Zinc is important: You can have zinc in foods like spinach, soybeans, and cashew nuts to name a few. They can decrease the chances of discoloration and helps in nail growth.

Making the fingernails strong

Aside from the diet, which is an internal concern, there are external factors that can make our fingernails split or peel. We can experience this in the weather that we currently are situated, we can experience it in our homes as we do other chores, and a lot more. Here are some ways that we can do to prevent brittle fingernails that are influenced by outside factors:

  • Wearing gloves: when washing the dishes or clothes our hands are exposed to soap chemicals this allows the fingers to deteriorate in texture, by wearing gloves we are protecting it from these chemicals.
  • Moisturize: using hand lotion or nail oil will increase the moisturization of the nails. But too much of something is bad so if the nails get soft and still brittles cutting back on the application of moisturizer will be the best thing to do.
  • Limiting Manicures: fingernails are being exposed to chemicals in nail polish and polish removal which affects the texture.


As we do an eating plan, especially in the case for ketogenic diet, we are changing a lifestyle and we are changing internal components that our body is used to have. By preparing ourselves to be in a keto diet through proper research, consultations, and assessment of our body we are making sure that we can manage whatever changes that may occur. With the help of a doctor, we can be guided on what to take and what nots that will help us in achieving our goal. We must expect that changes will always come internally, and taking care of things externally will also help our body adapt quickly. Keto diet and brittle fingernails does not have to affect each other as long as we know what we do in keeping our body healthy. Therefore, knowledge about their connection can save us from stress and overthinking.

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