What are Keto Fat Bombs? – Slim Trim Shape

Keto dieters can enjoy the many benefits of eating a keto fat bomb. It is easy to prepare, can be carried anywhere, be eaten at any time, provides the health benefits you need on a keto diet, and gives satisfaction towards that longing for a sweet food the keto way. It has been gaining a lot of popularity from dieters. Social media has been talking about it. People are doing it as a business, selling their keto fat bombs to other keto dieters.

Searching over the internet will provide you with a lot of its recipes and ingredients. You will find the use of coconut butter, cacao butter, espresso, tree nut cheese, berries, nuts, cheese, eggs, lemon juice, chia seeds, bacon bits, chopped herbs, and cooked meat to name a few. These are high-fat snacks with very low to no carb treats. They are tasty and can be done in the comfort of your home anytime at your convenience.

How To Make One?

This is a fun experience and a fun activity while doing keto. It doesn’t only provide a creative way of preparing food like thinking of the best matches of ingredients and getting artistic with the treat. It also relieves stress from outside forces that we don’t want to think or even feel about for a certain period.

1. Identifying what to create or make

Choosing the recipe deceivably, or have already identified, what fat bomb flavor you are craving for may save time, lessen the stress of thinking too much, and inspire you to do the food it immediately; as there are many mouthwatering recipes that may meddle with and delay you from starting.

2. Picking the Fat Base

The foundation or starting point in making the treatment will allow the fat bomb to be solidified when cooled and depending on its consistency, at normal temperature, it may still be intact.

There are ingredients, like coconut oil, cream cheese, and butter that are frequently used for its reliability as fat bases. Aside from these basic fat bases trying other fat bases may give better results like cocoa butter, hard cheese, coconut cream, tallow, and lard.

3. Gathering the other Ingredients

Adding special ingredients may enhance the texture and make the fat bomb extra delicious. Taking in preferred ingredients by creating that delightful fat bomb makes it exciting because this is where the creativity gets in. Furthermore, there are also a lot of wonderful fat bomb recipes that may be used in starting up or experimenting with new flavors like almonds, walnuts, black sesame seeds, and so on.

4. Preparing the Fat Bomb

Putting all the ingredients together on a bowl and mix it to a liquid consistency, then pour into a tray of choice, may add other special ingredients to increase that flavorful taste, and finally put inside the freezer for three to four hours. You may remove the fat bomb once it is frozen. You can enjoy eating it with a meal or as a dessert.

Easy to do Fat Bombs

While being creative may give the most unique and better taste for this treat, there are simple recipes and meal replacement fat bombs that can be done immediately. These will surely deliver a taste of heavenly satisfaction on your palate

The Chocolate Fat Bomb

One of the best and simplest fat bombs to do that requires cacao powder and coconut oil, like its two basic ingredients, is the chocolate fat bomb. First, heat the coconut oil at a low heat level on a pan. Once it is ready, pour the cacao powder. Mix it very well till the level of chocolate liquid consistency is achieved.

After mixing it, adding nuts and other special ingredients may add further taste to the fat bomb or may simply add nothing, then pour on a tray, this may be a cookie sheet or something that can make figures out of it, and finally place it inside the freezer for two to four hours till it is ready to be eaten.

Savory Pizza Fat Bomb

Pizza on a small platter, on a fat bomb, may give that easy on the go satisfaction day in and day out. Regarded as a comfort food this may be both be a good appetizer or a dessert, plus it is very simple to do.

Chop in small pieces the special ingredients, first, like pepperoni and olives. Then mix the cream cheese, tomato pesto, and basil reaching until that level of creamy consistency. Ones reached add the olives and pepperoni then mixed together. Finally, create small balls out it then garnish with olive, basil, and pepperoni.

Lemon Macadamia Fat Bomb

Refreshing to its nature, the combination of lemon and macadamia nuts may be just the flavor for a quick meal or snack that your tastes buds have been looking for. Its mild sourly lemon taste and nutty flavor bring in new dimensions to your palate.

Melt the coconut oil, coconut cream concentrate, and cocoa butter at low heat. Combine vanilla, stevia, lemon juice, flour inside a blender and blend it for a minute until reached the creamy liquid consistency. Mix in the macadamia nuts and some shredded coconut on the cream. Then, roll everything into small balls fitting them in a silicone mold. Finally, place inside the freezer for two to three hours.


A perfect snack like fat bombs may increase your energy, help to stay in keto, and satisfy that personal craving. It can develop good cholesterols or high-density lipoproteins ratio and get more than bad cholesterols, support the body in getting more fat-soluble like Vitamin A, D, E, and K. Most importantly it is simple to do, delicious, versatile and very convenient food that can fit your lifestyle.