Keto Side Effects: How to Deal with Ketosis Breath

Aside from keto flu, another side effect that every keto fan should be aware of is the keto breath.

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Known as a low carbohydrate, average protein and high fat weight loss diet, keto diet is helpful to get your body into the state of ketosis. You might be wondering what is ketosis. Well, ketosis happens when our body turns to ketones from fat deposits instead of glucose to provide the energy source that it needs. Like the other popular diets, keto diet can give you impressive results but everyone who is new to this practice should be ready for its side effects as these are highly possible to occur since your body is experiencing the changes.

Keto flu is the most common side effect of keto diet. This shows usual flu symptoms such as extreme fatigue, headache, nausea and dizziness. Aside from keto flu, another side effect that every keto fan should be aware of is the keto breath. To learn more about keto breath and prepare in case we experience this through our fitness journey, here are some important facts about keto breath.

What Are the Keto Breath Symptoms?

As compared to halitosis and bad breath, this symptom is different as keto breath has distinct oral smell and taste as the others. Those who have experienced this side effect mentioned that it seems like they experience a metallic taste. Others describe it as a strong smell that is comparable to the chemical we use for removing nail polishes.

What Are the Usual Keto Breath Causes?

As mentioned your keto diet triggers your keto breath. This is because when our starts to get into ketosis, ketones are formed from fatty acids. During this process, acetone, beta hydroxybutyrate and other chemicals are produced in our body. These chemicals are common ingredients in nail polishes, which make our breath smell like a remover of nail colors. However, don’t worry when you start having keto breath since it indicates that your diet is working and your body is now transitioning to the ketosis state.

Expected Time for Keto Breath Last

Having keto breath is a good indication that you are in for a victorious ending in your weight loss journey. You might be asking how long this side effect is to last as although it does not pose any medical dangers, it can affect your self confidence and personal relations.

According to experts, keto breath lasts for about a week since you begin in your keto diet. The metallic smell will slowly subside once you have adjusted to your new weight loss plan. While you still have this symptom, there are some natural remedies that you can rely on and try to help address keto breath.

Natural Treatments for Keto Breath

To manage and alleviate the keto breath that you might experience during the first days in keto diet, you can gargle on mouthwash at least twice a day and ensure that you floss after brushing your teeth. Other natural treatments that you might want to consider trying are as follow.

Drink More Water

One way of managing your keto breath is of course to flush out the chemicals that are causing the bad odor. In addition to exhalation, urination is the best way to eliminate the acetones from your body. To do this, all you have to do is to always stay hydrated. It is like hitting two birds in one stone since drinking lots of water can also speed up your weight loss aim.

Cut the Protein Intake

Aside from boosting your water intake, it is also helpful to cut your protein sources as it also contributes to keto breath since ammonia is produced whenever protein is being broken down or metabolised by our body. Ammonia aside from acetone is also known to produce bad breath.

While you are cutting out your protein intake, it is important to replace it with health fats intake such as olive oil and macadamia nuts. This is because these healthy fat sources are known to help us have fresh breath once again.

Always Have Gums and Mints Ready

Let’s admit it. Keto breath may not impact our self confidence if we are just all alone at home. The trouble comes as soon as you go out and interact with other people. If the above options seem to be not working, then I think it is helpful to consider alternative options such as masking the smell with gums and mints.

However, before you rush to your door and buy some mints and gums at a local convenience store, it is good to be reminded that you are in keto diet, which means that you should be getting the gums and mints that are sugar free. Why? Because sugar is a source of carbohydrate and chewing on these little candies and gums could boost your carbohydrates count and move your body out from ketosis.

Increasing Your Physical Activities

Ketogenic diet and keto breath come hand in hand. Another option that those who have experienced this symptom have recommended is to increase your physical activities or exercise. Since you are regularly exercising, it is just safe to add a few carbohydrate intake to your regular diet. You might be afraid that this option may affect your weight loss journey. Well, there is nothing to be worried about as long as the additional carbohydrate is minimal as this will surely be compensated by your extreme and frequent physical activities and will not get you out of ketosis.

Patience Is a Virtue

Keto breath is common to people who are new to keto diet. Although we have provided some natural options to help you with, it is still possible that the keto breath will not be alleviated by these remedies. So the best way to do is to be patient and let the symptom run its course. Continue and stick with your low carbohydrate diet. Wait for your body to get used into ketosis and be cautious to not get it out of the metabolic state. Before you know it, your keto breath will be gone in the coming days.

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