Leptin: Is There A Way to Regulate It?

The leptin hormone also plays a significant role in determining body weight or mass. It even goes as far as establishing your BMI (body mass index).

Regulating Leptin

If the ghrelin hormone makes you hungry, there is another hormone which sends a signal to your brain to stop eating, and it is called the leptin hormone. Like ghrelin, the leptin hormone also plays a significant role in determining body weight or mass. It even goes as far as establishing your BMI (body mass index).

Your leptin hormone has a considerable responsibility to send a message to your brain to stop eating. This happens when your digestive system has passed the threshold of enough calories for your body to produce the next batch of energy. Without it, we will be gobbling up endlessly. Before we know it, we might even burst from eating.

A standard leptin hormone system creates a good working environment for your digestive system and nervous system, which leads to better function of both systems. However, when the leptin hormone has gone haywire, it might also cause problems for both systems.

Your Leptin is quite tricky to manipulate than the ghrelin hormone. The ghrelin can be managed by the keto diet, but Leptin is another story. What you can do however is to polish off the fading sensitivity of the leptin hormone in your system. This is not easy to do, but with hard work and perseverance, it will entirely pay off. Increasing the sensitivity of leptin hormone is a path to the healthy digestive and nervous system. Before we delve into this part of the article, let us get to know further how the leptin hormone works.


The Leptin Hormone

The Leptin hormone is increasing and decreasing with the dependence of your fat levels. This hormone sticks to your proteins that are swirling in your bloodstream. As the blood with the leptin hormone jettisoned into your blood vessels, up to your brain and into the region called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus regulates some of the human being emotions and the desire to eat food and the feeling of fullness. Your leptin hormone acts as a messenger telling your brain to stop eating. This is the moment where we feel a little bit full.

So having said that, how do we care and regulate our leptin hormone?


Do Not Try to Alter the Leptin Hormone Drastically

Several types of diet promise drastic weight loss. This is a red flag, to be honest. Severe weight loss means radical changes in your leptin hormone level. It virtually destroys your leptin hormone sensitivity and might damage the way your digestive system digests food.  

This issue does not only refer to losing weight; it also relates to overeating. Overeating also leads to leptin hormone resistance. Meaning, the leptin hormone might have a problem in verifying whether your body needs to slow down eating or not. The effect of this is, your body will have no standard or threshold in terms of the fact that it should only have. This is quite dangerous because it might lead to obesity and other weight-related diseases.


Take Good Care of your Thyroid

The leptin hormone and thyroid have a relationship to uphold. Without the thyroid, the leptin hormone would not exist at all. This is because our thyroid is the central regulator of the number of hormones. This means the thyroid also regulates the quantity of leptin hormone released. When your thyroid contracted a disease, or syndrome has hijacked its system this may cause a lot of problem in your hormones and your leptin hormone eventually. This, in turn, will have a lousy domino effect in your digestive and nervous systems. This will lead to leptin hormone resistance. To which losing weight will almost be impossible to achieve. Less energy will also be produced. This will also make you feel fatigued even on an average day. Sometimes, you might also feel nauseous. Another good reason why you should take care of your thyroid is that it might lead to Hashimoto’s disease.


Try to Engage in Bulletproof Diet (as per recommendation by a doctor)

You can polish your leptin hormone again by engaging in a bulletproof diet. This diet is quite similar to keto but with a few modifications. For this idea, I always think that it is best to get a recommendation and approval from a doctor or dietitian. This is to rule out the possibility of this diet from wreaking havoc to your current health condition. With the bulletproof food, your blood sugar level is at a reasonable level. This diet prevents sugar (fructose) from shooting up. A lowered fructose level means reduced chances of inflammation, infection flare-ups, lowered food cravings and many more. No offense to sugar though but this substance is needed by your body too, and you need to keep it at a regulated level, so it does not do anything harmful. Lowered sugar is a way to reset the sensitivity of the leptin hormone.

Other Things that you can do to Reset the Sensitivity of Your Leptin Hormone:

  1. Take your breakfast seriously. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Incorporate protein and healthy fats in your breakfast. These components are the ankle to which your hormones are built with;
  2. Try to veer away from canned and processed foods. They are chemically altered, unhealthy and might be bad for your thyroid;
  3. Try to turn away from food with lectin on them;
  4. Keep your carb intake at a minimum level;
  5. Have a clockwork diet. Meaning, condition your body to eat at a certain pace and a regular interval. Try not to break the average speed of food by overeating in a particularly weird time like for example midnight.
  6. Eat meat and fish with a certified quality that is worth gobbling on.
  7. Sleep early and regularly;
  8. Have a balanced meal;
  9. Do not overtire yourself;
  10. Watch out for signs and symptoms of thyroid related health issues;
  11. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your bodily systems.

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