Keto Diet and MCT Oils: How They Work Together – Slim Trim Shape

Some Keto dieters might have already heard the craze about MCT oil and how it is an effective supplement to all sorts of diet. There is a considerate amount of overall confusion (misinformation and misinterpretation) about this product and what it can do. Others use it solely for figure trimming purposes with other diet plans or exercise strategies. This is alarming. Some diet enthusiasts prefer to nose dive into trying supplements without learning about it sufficiently first. Knowledge, after all, is also safety.

MCT oil is scientifically linked as beneficial to people who undergo a Keto diet. To maximize its benefits and prevent the adverse effects it might give; let us know more about the link between MCT oils and its benefits to the overall Keto diet plan.

What is MCT/MCT Oil?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. MCT is a unique fatty acid that has a carbon element arrangement that makes it suitable for dietary purposes. This kind of fatty acid is considered supreme among other fatty acids in terms of diet plans because of its fat assimilation technique and easy digestibility characteristic.

It has a unique effect on our digestion where it does not need the complete chemical process for it to be broken down into molecules and be absorbed by our liver (Energy is manufactured in our liver). It also assimilates as a form of fat whereas if burned in our liver, it produces energy (this is basically the concept of Keto diet).

MCT can be found in coconut oils, butter and much more food rich in MCT. For some time, the MCT has been used for medical treatments only. Lately, MCT has been recognized for its amazing ability to be a dietary supplement due to its Ketosis friendly mechanism. Since then, it has been reproduced in large quantities to cater to the demands of the public. The large quantity demand leads to the development of MCT oil.

The Keto Diet

There is a new and natural way of slimming formulated in the character of the Keto diet. The low-carb, high in the fat diet is proved to be effective for some but it also has its share of side effects.

For some Keto dieters, the first week may be an unpleasant experience. They may experience headaches, weakness, muscle cramps, and in extreme cases, fever (when you have a fever for more than 2 days, it is safe to consult a doctor to rule some possibilities). This is most commonly known as Keto Flu.

In most cases, this bodily reaction is perfectly normal. This is your body’s response to your sudden change of diet style. Give it some time for your body to adapt to the new diet. If it is too tough for you to handle, the MCT Oil supplement intake might help.

The body under a Keto diet burns fat to produce energy instead of the normal glucose from carbohydrates. The abrupt shift to the usage of fat as the fuel source of the body is not what the body is used to. The keto diet is a long and constant process that needs religious application. It will take a while before your body naturally kickstarts ketosis to produce energy. The loss of energy from this new process naturally paves the way for Keto flu to happen.

How Can MCT Oil Benefit a Keto Dieter

Supplying the much-needed energy is key to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of Keto Flu. This is where MCT oil can help. So how can MCT oil aid relieve Keto Flu?

  1. MCT does not need bile and the enzymes for it to be broken down into smaller molecules. Thus, it has a faster absorption. It is naturally lightless in molecular structure because of the lesser carbon count property. It has a unique carbon arrangement that makes it easily absorbed compared to long-chained fatty acids.
  2. MCT’s molecular structure enables it to travel faster to cells and power up the mitochondria.
  3. MCT is easily absorbed by the liver organ to produce ketones for the body’s fuel to be replenished. It does not need to complete the whole digestive process. Thus, the body does not need to exhaust its effort into completely breaking it down to extract the body’s fuel (energy).
  4. The unique ability of the MCT to be broken down into ketones to energy gives it a relatively supreme alternative for augmenting energy loss.

This is the reason why most Keto dieters hail this product as a lifesaver during their first phase of the diet. This can be used too in the long run but beware of its misuse. There are is a measured amount of dosage per day only of MCT. This dosage should be strictly observed.

How Do You Maximize Your Keto Diet Results By Use of MCT oil?

For starters, you can take 1 and a half teaspoons of MCT oil a day to augment your everyday energy loss. Then slowly ramp it up to 1 to 2 tablespoonful a day. If it causes digestive problems for you, try to use MCT powder. You can sprinkle it in your food as long as the powder content is equivalent to the 1 and a half teaspoon of MCT oil.

To make the intake of MCT oil more bearable, you can try to put it in your hot favorite drink. You can also mix it with your dish sauces, shakes, and smoothies.

Risk Factors

Allergic to Coconut oil and other derivatives of MCT oil

MCT oil is healthy in general but reactions may vary from person to person. If you are allergic to coconut oils, butter or MCT in general, avoid this oil for peace of mind. You might develop a rash, hives any many more skin inflictions if used liberally. Fortunately, there are many ways to fight keto Flu. Do not rely solely on using MCT oil.

Patients with Liver Problems

The likes of cirrhosis and other liver problems need careful attention and usually should not be contaminated by any other unrecommended elements by the doctor. Usually, the healing process of the liver requires your body to go back to its former way of producing energy which burning carbohydrates instead of fatty acid. But everything should still be what the doctor is recommending you to have.