What is the Military Diet?

The Military Diet is a low calorie diet plan that focuses on low caloric intake.

Military Diet

A lot of people are currently struggling with weight loss and obesity. Our modern living conditions have exposed us to very different food choices and sedentary lifestyle work options. People are now bombarded by food products that are high in sugar and sodium (salt) and are offered jobs that entails sitting on the desk for more than eight (8) hours working in front of a computer. These two combinations resulted in a number of potentially deadly health risks for modern men and women. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure have become some of the top ailments to claim lives in the past few decades.

It is no surprise then, that weight loss programs and diet plans have experienced a sort of boom as an industry and there seems to be a growing demand for varied and more intense diet plans. Currently, we have the Atkins diet, the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and many other kinds of diets or a combination of the said programs. The big challenge for people struggling with weight loss and weight-related illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure would be how to choose the right type of diet program for them to quickly and efficiently shed the unwanted pounds.

A new kind of program is being proposed to speedily lose the unwanted weight and immediately see the results. There is now a diet plan called the Military diet which aims to lower caloric intake and promote weight loss. What is the military diet and what can it do for you and your weight loss plan?

What is the Military Diet?

The military diet is a low-calorie diet focused on the low caloric food intake during a set number of days to maximize weight loss. It claims to have resulted in an early one (1) week with practitioners supposedly losing ten (10) pounds within the said timeframe.

The military diet focuses on giving dieters set meals to eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Strangely, the military diet has no ties to any military program. It is, however, similar to the military code of standards in its strict implementation of the set meal plans with no compromises on extra snacks or meals in between sets.

This diet lasts for only three (3) whole days with the next four (4) days focused on eating regular calorie intake healthy meals, kind of like what the dieters were eating prior to starting the Military Diet. It does explicitly say though, that after the three-day low-calorie time frame, people are required to eat “healthy” meals before they can go back and do another round of the military diet for three days.

Set Meal Plans for the Military Diet

As previously stated, the military diet is a strict meal plan and every piece of food items has been predetermined even before dieters have started with the plan itself. Each piece of food to be ingested counts and only by strictly following the listed food items can dieters get the best results from their military diet. Below are sample meal sets for the three-day military diet for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:

Day 1:

Breakfast Food Items: ½ Grapefruit, 1 slice of toast, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 cup of coffee or tea (no cream and sugar)
Lunch Food Items: 1 Cup of Cottage Cheese, 1 hard boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers
Dinner Food Items: 1 Cup of Tuna, ½ Banana, 1 Cup vanilla ice cream

Day 2:

Breakfast Food Items: 1 egg,  1 slice of toast, ½ Banana
Lunch Food Items: ½ Cup of Tuna, 1 slice of toast, 1 cup of coffee or tea (no cream or sugar)
Dinner Food Items: 4 oz of meat or protein, 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup of carrots, ½ banana, ½ cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 3:

Breakfast Food Items: 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice of cheddar, 1 small apple
Lunch Food Items: 1 hardboiled egg, 1 slice of toast
Dinner Food Items: 4 ounces of any meat, 1 cup of green beans, ½ banana, 1 small Apple, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

For days four (4) to seven (7), dieters can eat what they usually eat as long as they choose healthy food options and maintain a caloric intake of a maximum 1,500 calories. As mentioned earlier, all three days covered by the strict military diet does not offer any snacks or meals in between and strictly following the meal plans above will bring about the best result for the military diet.

What to expect from the Military Diet

Evidence suggests that the Military Diet works and is actually quite effective for weight loss. Below are some things one should have in mind before embarking on the military diet:

1. It is a low-calorie diet

Being a low-calorie diet, the Military Diet may cause low energy and irritability. People with diabetes may also find the strict implementation of the Military diet a little bit challenging as they may need to get the right blood sugar balance during this low-calorie diet plan.

2. It is a form of intermittent fasting

With an alternating schedule of three and four days switching from low calorie to regular calorie intake, the Military Diet is indeed a form of intermittent fasting. Fasting can actually help in detoxification and improved metabolism.

3. It aims to maximize your metabolism

Through intermittent fasting and with the healthy food options presented during the three-day set meal plan, the Military Diet is actually designed to maximize your metabolism. This is especially helpful for people who wish to make weight loss a part of their life since the advantages of improved metabolism will carry over even after and beyond the military diet program itself.

How to get the best results from the Military Diet:

The military diet is a tough program, but with the right mindset, dedication and useful tips and hacks (like the ones listed below) will give you a better chance of succeeding at it:

  • Keep yourself hydrated to avoid sudden urges to eat
  • Follow the set meal plan by buying the ingredients and food items in advance.
  • Do your workout routines in the morning on an empty stomach to make sure that fat reserves are burned optimally and effectively.
  • Always check your weight before and after the program to further motivate you to continue with your healthy lifestyle.

Military Diet

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