Zinc Oxide Benefits and Side Effects – Slim Trim Shape

Zinc oxide is a mineral that has been long used in making various products. Packed with so many uses and benefits, it is also being combined with cosmetics since it has several benefits that can help the skin in so many amazing ways. Over the years, zinc oxide has already proven its amazing properties in … Read more

Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera – Slim Trim Shape

Moringa Oleifera is a plant known for its numerous nutritional properties and uses. The parts of the plant are edible and are often cooked, roasted, or turned into tea. It has also seen industrial use with the plant seeing use in cosmetic products and agriculture. The Moringa Oleifera’s benefits are evident in medicine as well … Read more

What are Keto Fat Bombs? – Slim Trim Shape

Keto dieters can enjoy the many benefits of eating a keto fat bomb. It is easy to prepare, can be carried anywhere, be eaten at any time, provides the health benefits you need on a keto diet, and gives satisfaction towards that longing for a sweet food the keto way. It has been gaining a … Read more

What is Sarsaparilla? – Slim Trim Shape

Herbal medicine is widely used and popular around the world. There are very beneficial herbal plants like sarsaparilla that can be used in treating different illnesses. But what is sarsaparilla? Sarsaparilla is a medicinal plant that belongs to the genus of smilax. This plant is widely grown in South America; Jamaica; Mexico and the Caribbean. … Read more

What is Propylene Glycol? – Slim Trim Shape

Propylene glycol is a tasteless, colorless and odorless synthetic liquid capable of absorbing water and is slightly more viscous than water. It is a common ingredient found in a variety of products that are used in daily life. These include pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, antifreeze and food products. The substance has had a contentious reputation … Read more

Keto Diet and MCT Oils: How They Work Together – Slim Trim Shape

Some Keto dieters might have already heard the craze about MCT oil and how it is an effective supplement to all sorts of diet. There is a considerate amount of overall confusion (misinformation and misinterpretation) about this product and what it can do. Others use it solely for figure trimming purposes with other diet plans … Read more

Asparagus Nutrition and Its Powerful Benefits – Slim Trim Shape

The asparagus comes from the lily genus. It comes in different sizes, color, and varieties. It is such a popular vegetable ingredient in the west and is famously associated with steaks. Other dishes go well with asparagus, too, like fried dishes, red meat dishes, pasta, and so on. Food enthusiasts say it goes best with … Read more

Prune Juice: What Are Its Health Benefits | Slim Trim Shape

Prune juice is a popular drink especially since it is readily available. You go to any grocery store and there’s a bottle of prune juice just waiting for you. But more than the practicality of it all, the main thing is that you can gain access to multiple health benefits just by including prune juice … Read more