12 Unexpected Baby Powder Uses – Slim Trim Shape

Here you’ll learn about some interesting baby powder that uses more than just covering baby’s sweat. Talcum-created baby powder is made of the particular minaboutontains mostly oxygen, magnesium, and silicon elements. It soaks up moisture and minimizes skin-to-skin friction, which may help alleviate problems with rashes, like diaper rashes. Baby powder isn’t only for babies. … Read more

NaturalSlim Metabolic Vitamins Review | Slim Trim Shape

NaturalSlim is a dietary supplement that’s been formulated to boost metabolism. It’s based on an award-winning book that argues people should consume certain vitamins/minerals to boost metabolism and lose weight. The weight loss industry is worth nearly $73 billion in the USA alone. Many people are looking for supplements, meal replacement, and snack bars that … Read more

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Do you have a feeling of pain or burning in your heel? If so, then you might have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Fun Fact: A recent study showed that over three-quarters of Americans 18+ years old have foot pain. If you have conditions like plantar fasciitis when you’ll want to know effective methods … Read more

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Have you ever come across something so useful and you can’t help but wonder how it is so useful? Or have you ever come across something so useful and you can’t help but wonder how something of such source is this useful? Well, that’s the case with this guy right here. Diatomaceous earth comes with … Read more

20 Delicious Chia Seed Recipes – Slim Trim Shape

Are you looking for a healthy seed for cooking/baking? If so then one of the best options is the superfood included in chia seed recipes that include the well-known chia pudding. One serving of chia seeds has just 2g of net carbs, which makes them Keto-friendly. In recent years people have been looking for foods … Read more