How To Remove Skin Tags Naturally – Slim Trim Shape

Have you noticed some soft and saggy skin on your body? If so, then you might be experiencing something called skin tags. It is a very common skin condition, and up to 46% of the USA’s population has the condition. As with other conditions, it’s important to know what it’s all about. This includes issues like symptoms, causes, and treatments. This will help to provide better results when treating the condition. The skin is the largest organ on the human body so it’s critical to make sure you have the basic know-how including methods to remove skin tags. This will make it easier to deal with the issue.

There are several methods you can use to get rid of skin tags. That includes home remedies like garlic, juice, and apple cider vinegar (ACV). These are good options because they don’t involve any medical procedures or prescription medicines. Those options can be effective, but they can also cause aches, pains, and other side-effects. There’s a chance home remedy could cause side-effects, but it is less likely they’ll generally be milder. This is a plus in terms of providing a better experience and avoiding a lot of possible issues dealing with the common skin condition.  

What In The World Are Skin Tags?

These are tiny pieces of saggy skin that could have a stalk. They can show up anywhere on the body. However, they’re most common where skin contacts skin or clothes. It is known by other names that are more technical. You can impress your friends/family by talking about the fibroma pendulum.

Skin tags usually appear during middle age, but they can show up anytime. They can also affect men/women, so they’re not more common among certain age groups.

These are non-cancerous (benign) tumors. They have a middle core of fibers, ducts, nerves, and fat. Then there’s an epidermis/covering on the outside.

The tumors can appear anywhere. However, they’re more common in certain areas. They include on the upper chest, under breasts, armpits, neck, and eyelids. Sometimes people have these conditions yet don’t notice them. The exception is when it’s easy to see based on the location.

The skin tag might also be easy to notice if it keeps getting rubbed/scratched by jewelry or clothing. This might also happen during shaving. Sometimes the tumors just rub/fall off. Sometimes large ones just break when there’s a lot of pressure.

Skin tags can have different appearances. They can be smooth/bumpy. They’re often raised from the skin’s surface or appear on stalks. The tumors also start small and can become larger. The size can also range from as small as 2mm to as large as 5cm.

In most cases, the tumors are harmless. They can be removed for cosmetic reasons if the person feels uncomfortable about the appearance. They might also be removed due to the irritation caused when the tumors rub against skin/jewelry.

Another reason for removing big skin tags is to make shaving easier. This is the situation when they’re located on the face or under-arm area. Shaving in the area could make the situation worse.

DIY Methods to Remove Skin Tags

Vitamin E 

Aging might cause skin tags. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help to keep skin healthy. Adding a little to the tumor might cause it to disappear in a few days. Just massage oil on the tag and the skin surrounding it.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

First, soak a cotton swab in some ACV then, place it over the skin tag. Use a bandage to wrap it up for up to half an hour. Next, wash off the area. Follow these steps every day for a few weeks. Apple Cider Vinegar’s acidity can break down tissue around the tumors, which causes it to drop off.


This super-herb has anti-aging properties and can help the skin look/feel more youthful. It is done by lowering inflammation. To treat the tumor naturally, add some crushed garlic to the tumor.

In the morning, wash the region. Repeat this process until the tumor gets smaller then vanishes completely. Make sure to follow the procedure until that happens.

Banana Peel

The banana peel can help to dry up the tumor. Just put a piece on the tag, then use a bandage to cover it up. Follow this procedure every night until the tag drops off.

Baking Soda 

Mix some baking soda with castor oil to make a paste. Remember that the substance can be quite sticky. Then apply the DIY paste to the tumor. Rinse after 1 or 2 hours. Keep doing this procedure every day for up to 2 weeks. Over time the non-cancerous tumor will disappear.

Tea Tree Oil

TTO has anti-fungus/virus properties and can be applied to the skin. It’s important to wash the area first, then use a cotton swab/Q-tip to add oil to the skin tag.

More Home Remedies for Skin Tags


There are several natural oils you can use to treat the non-cancerous tumors. They include:

The amount of oil required for each remedy differs. Make sure to research how much you will need to get the best results.


Here’s a superfood remedy. First, clean the area, then let it dry. Next, rub a piece of ginger on the skin tag for up to 2 minutes. Don’t rinse the ginger juice. Follow this procedure up to 6x daily. This remedy works due to the chemical compounds found in the herb.


Various juices can help to remove skin tags. The options include lemon, fig, aloe vera, and pineapple. 

These juices work for different reasons. For example, Vitamin C in pineapple/lemon juice contains a powerful antioxidant.

Shea Butter 

This product isn’t a dairy butter but instead is made from the shea tree’s nut. It’s high in healthy fat and can help to treat the tumor.

First, melt a small amount of shea butter with your fingertips’ heat. Then add oregano essential oil and mix well. Next, apply the shea butter to the tumors. Follow these steps 2x daily until it removes the small tumors. It might take a while but this can be an effective remedy for the non-cancerous tumors.  

Manuka Honey 

This honey is originally from New Zealand and Australia. The cost is somewhat pricey compared to regular honey, but it might be worthwhile due to the health benefits you can get.

Here’s how you use this remedy. First, add honey to the tumor and use a Band-Aid to cover it. Let the band-aid stay on the tumor for a couple of hours. Keep repeating this process a couple of times per day until the growth disappears to remove skin tags.