Scallions vs Green and Spring Onions

Some people consider that scallions and green onions are from the same family of allium plant under the Allium fistulosum species. Meanwhile, spring onions are much older than both scallions and green onions.

Scallion vs Green and Spring Onion

Everyone enjoys a good eat. If we are to take a tour of most cities we would see a lot of restaurants and quaint little nooks and corners that serve good food. You can easily choose from  European cuisines, with its elegance and finesse, American cuisines and their ever-growing repertoire of home cooking that just get you finger licking or the cuisine of the Asians that are bombarded by spices and tasteful herbs. But if you enjoy stirring something up in your kitchen and are familiar with several herbs and spices then go ahead and dive in and get your hands deliciously dirty.

Lately though, there has been much discussion in the kitchen on what is the difference between Scallions, Green Onions and Spring Onions. Is there much difference if you switch one for the other? Well, why don’t we find the answers together?


Which is Which…

Some people consider that Scallions and Green Onions are from the same family of allium plant under the Allium fistulosum species. These kinds of plants do not develop round bulbs even if they were purposefully left to mature underground. Allium fistulosum particular type of species when planted will only produce scallions and green onions but this part is tricky though because any type of onion can appear to be part of the Allium fistulosum when they are still young because they won’t have round bulbs yet.


Relatively speaking, scallions are young, in fact, they are younger than green onions. By younger, I mean they are harvested from the field at a very early stage of their maturity. So how do we tell the difference between a scallion and a green onion? Well, if you examine closely, the white bulb of a scallion is much thinner or slimmer than that of a green onion. It most certainly is because scallions are harvested earlier than green onions while the latter is left on the ground to mature a little bit more. The fact that scallions are young, observably the width of their stems are of the same size as that of their bulbs. Scallions also have a more subtle taste compared to green onions.

Green Onions

In contrast with scallions, green onions are slightly older or more mature due to the fact that they were left to grow a bit more underground. Green Onions have a much wider white ovular bulb than their stems and leaves, unlike the scallions that have perfect width symmetry. They pack a subtle and gentle flavor just like scallions maybe that is why some folks often interchange both. Some may think that scallions are green onions and vice versa. It’s the difference in the time of their harvest that also makes the slightest differences. Just like the round bulb and asymmetrical shape of green onion and the ovular and perfect symmetry of the scallion. In general, though they are both younger versions of the spring onion.

Spring Onions

Who is this newcomer you might ask but as mentioned earlier spring onions are much older than both scallions and green onions? They are left to grow underground for a longer period of time compared to the two but they are still considered young onions much like the two previously mentioned. This results in spring onions producing small white round bulbs almost like small full grown onions compared to the ovular bulb of the scallion and the round bulb of the green onion. They also give off a stronger flavor than the other two mentioned earlier. They are called spring onions because farmers plant these onions during the summer season and they grow during Winter time and are then harvested at springtime.


The Good Onion

Most onions in cuisines are particularly found in Asian type of dishes like fried rice, stir-fried, soup and even in noodles. There must be a reason for this right? Well our fellow Asians might not be just after that subtle flavor, onions bring to the table but they perhaps have also discovered the “good” in onions.

Folks from both the East and West may have stumbled upon the green onions, scallions and spring onions’ reputation and capability. They believe that these onions can help remedy illnesses like anemia, arthritis, asthma and get this it might even help with your thinning hair. A recent study was done on onions also suggest that this kitchen condiment might also help in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. Green onions are also a good source of sulfur and they also have compounds like flavonoids that may prevent certain enzymes in the body that produce cancer cells. Lastly, these types of onions are also a good source of fiber and therefore may be able to help with digestion problems.

Scallion vs Green and Spring Onion

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