Thin Tea Detox – Slim Trim Shape

Thin Tea Detox is an all-natural 14-day detox/fat-burning program. You get a detox blend and fat burn blend that are made of 100% natural herbs. This can provide two different benefits. You can get benefits like weight loss, body detox, energy boost, and immune system boost. You also get an eating plan to help you lose weight by eating healthy food for your three square meals.

Is it safe to use?

Thin Tea Detox is made of 100% natural ingredients. There’s a small chance that it could trigger side-effects. However, it’s important to observe if you experience any so you can deal with them if necessary.


This product includes all-natural ingredients. They include an herbal blend for detox and fat-burning:

  • Dandelion Root
  • Fennel Seed
  • Juniper Berry
  • Marshmallow Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Rose

Some studies show that these ingredients can provide health benefits like body detox and weight loss.

 This product includes no:

  • Caffeine
  • Additives
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives

These are some of the main ingredients that people want to avoid due to various factors like side-effects. For example, caffeine can cause heart palpitations, gluten can trigger wheat allergies, and additives like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives can cause short/long-term side-effects.


 A. What time of day should it be taken?

The directions can guide you about when to take the detox blend and fat burn blend. The program is designed for a full 14 days to provide the best results. The key is to follow the directions to make sure you get the best results. This is a critical step to take so you can detoxify the body and burn body fat.

 B. How long does it take to kick in?

This product is an herbal blend so it’s not as powerful as synthetic ingredients. However, you can still get fast results since it contains a detox/fat blend. It’s important to follow the directions carefully to make sure you get the best results. If you don’t then the results might be less effective. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid unhealthy food.

 C. How many can you take in a day?

This product includes a 14-day program. So it’s important to use the detox/fat-burn blends as directed. This will help to provide the best results. You get a fully 14-day supply with this product so you’ll have everything you need for the detox.

What are the side effects, if any?

The ingredients are 100% natural so you’ll, unlike experience unwanted side-effects. However, some people report they didn’t get positive results. So it’s important to observe if you have any side-effects. Sometimes herbs can cause side-effects like mild digestion problems, skin rashes, etc. It’s critical to observe these effects so you can take steps to deal with them.

What are the benefits? 

 1. Ingredients

This product includes 100% natural ingredients. That includes a detox blend and fat-burning blend. The natural ingredients can help to achieve these goals. It’s important to check the ingredients list to see if you have any allergic reactions to the ingredients. It’s possible and if so you should avoid this product.

2. No Gluten/Caffeine/Additives/Laxatives

These are ingredients that many consumers want to avoid in slimming teas. The reason is gluten can cause issues for people with wheat allergies and immune system diseases. 

Thin Tea Detox is free of artificial ingredients. That includes colors, flavors, and preservatives. There are also no artificial laxatives, which can cause health issues.

3. Metabolism Boost

You can boost your metabolism naturally without caffeine. This can help increase weight loss by burning more calories.

4. Eating Plan

You get an eating plan to help guide you if you want to eat healthily and lose weight. This is an important tool that can be used with herbal blends. It’s important to use other methods for weight loss like healthy eating and regular exercise.

5. Detox Blend

This herbal blend includes various herbs that can help to detoxify your body. This is done naturally and mildly, which can help to avoid the side-effects of medical procedures and strong artificial chemicals. You’ll want to avoid that situation since it can cause pain/discomfort.

6. Alkalize Body

The tea blends help to alkalize the body. This allows you to absorb nutrients better.

7. Fat-burning Blend

This is another key benefit of the product. You get an herbal burn for fat-burning. Certain herbs have been shown to be effective for burning fat. This provides a 1-2 punch when combined with the detox blend.

8. Two-blend Plan

There’s a 2-step weight-loss plan. This includes a 2-blend system to help keep weight off.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

 The price is in the under-$35 range. This product is within the average price for slimming tea. The price is reasonable considering you get a 14-day detox program. This is different from other products that just include slimming tea, for example. You get a detox blend, fat burn blend, and eating plan. All of these features add value to the product and help to explain the higher price.

Company Information

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Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Natural ingredients
  • Body detox
  • Thinning tea
  • Herbal blend
  • 14-day program

5 negative reviews

  • Might not work
  • Other slimming teas are more effective
  • Might cause side-effects
  • Possible shipping/packaging issues
  • High cost

Where to buy

This tea can be found at various supermarkets, drug stores, and health stores. Make sure to call a store first to find out if they carry the product. If not then try another store until you can find Thin Tea Detox.

You can also shop online at Thin Tea’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon. This provides more convenience since you can shop online. All you need is a mobile device or PC/Mac. It can save lots of time and effort, which is a plus. This can save you time and effort since you won’t have to travel to a brick & mortar store.

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