Top Weight Loss Blogs Of 2019

A weight loss blog provides information about losing weight in a healthy way. We’ve rounded up this list of top 12 weight loss blogs of 2019.

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Do you want to lose weight? If so then one of the best resources is a weight loss blog. Fun Fact: The term weblog/blog was first used 20+ years ago in 1997. Weight loss-focused blogs allow you to learn about products and methods to shed pounds and burn fat. Blogs provide a helpful resource. That’s because you can learn about products and methods for losing weight. You can get updates about new weight-loss products and techniques. Sometimes it can be tough to lose weight so it’s a plus when you get info and support from other people who have the same health goals.   

These blogs have different themes. For example, some features people who have already lost lots of weight in the past and want to encourage others to achieve the same goal. Meanwhile, others focus on food or exercise as methods for dropping bodyweight. You can visit these weblogs daily or weekly to get new content whether it’s about a low-carb recipe, fat-burning exercise, etc. The main benefit of these sites is you can keep getting fresh news and info about losing weight. While people often refer to “diets” as a short-term weight-loss program it should be a never-ending lifelong journey.

Why Should You Subscribe to Weight Loss Blogs?

Let’s be honest. It can be tough not only to lose weight but to keep it off. It’s so tough to binge eat when we snack attacks or put off gym workouts day after day. It’s one thing to find a website that is weight loss-focused. These can certainly provide some useful info about how to lose weight and keep it off.

Meanwhile, there are specific benefits related to blogs. One of the main benefits is bloggers are constantly searching for new news, products, ideas, etc. they can share with others. You can visit blogs on a daily basis and get stuff like the latest diet/fitness research, low-carb baking recipes, and cardio/weight-resistance exercises.

In many cases, blogs provide a little daily info about topics like weight loss. For example, you can revisit a particular blog 1+ times daily and look for new content. You can even get updates so you’ll know when there’s a fresh post.

Another plus is you have millions of blogs to pick from Many of them are not weight loss-focused but several are. Consider that nearly 30% of the world’s population is now overweight/obese. That means nearly one-third of the world could improve their health through weight loss.

Another of the main features of blogs is people can leave comments. This allows netizens to share their ideas with other people who are also trying to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.

This is easily one of the top benefits of blogs over websites. The forum is designed for bloggers and visitors/subscribers to share information.

A related issue is blogs are basic yet effective. They’re usually very easy to navigate. You can visit one, read/watch content and post comments. The ease of use also applies to the bloggers also. There’s software available that makes it a piece of cake to upload new content to their weblogs.

Top Weight Loss Blogs

1. Andie Mitchell

This blog is maintained by a best-selling author of the same name. She launched the blog about a decade ago in 2010. Her goal is to share her journey to finding balance in life. The site includes weight lost posts that share how she lost 135 pounds through diet and exercise.

Andie also shares some tasty recipes to help you reach your weight loss goals. She writes like someone who wants to help people who are struggling to lose weight. The goal is to prevent them from feeling they’re on their own.

2. PopSugar Fitness

This is part of the well-known lifestyle brands. The blog provides lots of helpful articles about various topics ranging from workouts to dieting. There are also various links for stuff like workout clothes, exercise plans, and healthy eating tips. All this information can help you reach your weight loss goals.

3. Life by Daily Burn

This is a guide to help people have more control over their lives. This includes different aspects including physical/mental/emotional. This website allows readers to think about their general health/wellness. Different sections include workout/meal tips and meditations.

4. Healthy Foodie

The blog’s name might seem like an oxymoron. However, the goal is to show that healthy eating can be fun and flavorful. The blogger was a past overweight smoker who launched the blog as a web-based food diary.

Today The Health Foodie offers delicious and nutritious recipes. A blog is a good option for people who want to follow the Paleo Diet or just eat healthier.

5. ACE Exercise Library

The non-profit health/fitness site focuses on keeping people moving so they can drop pounds and burn fat. The Exercise Library offers different movements to help people reach their weight loss/wellness goals.

The blog includes target and total body workouts. You also get descriptions and photos for the correct form.

6. Fit Girl’s Diary

The blogger is a fitness trainer/nutritionist. Monica helps to challenge other people to get healthier and stronger physically/mentally. This blog includes diet plans, workout programs, and tons of articles. The goal of Fit Girl Diary is to provide motivation/support.

7. Snack Girl

This site was launched with the goal to replace unhealthy food like chips, cookies, and ice cream. The blog includes recipes for all three square meals and product reviews. The site’s content helps people live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying healthy snacks.

8. Runs for Cookies

Katie weighed over 250 pounds then later became a runner. She launched the blog after dropping 125 pounds. The blog provides a way to share stories, recipes, etc. to inspire others starting weight loss programs.

9. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

This blog shares lots of information about food/fitness, and good health. Tina developed this into a healthy living blog with recipes, training plans, and helpful advice. The blog provides advice based on Tina’s experiences as a personal trainer.

10. The Lean Green Bean

A registered dietician runs this blog. It features nutrition info, healthy recipes, and workouts. There’s no info about fad diets on the blog. You can instead get information about eating healthy food, connecting with one’s body, and healthy eating. This is a good blog for people who want a healthy life that’s basic and affordable.

11. Sarah Fit

This site is operated by a fitness blogger who wants women to be confident about their appearance and having a healthy social life. Sarah includes posts about food she’s eating, home workouts, and ideas for an active lifestyle.  

12. Powercakes

The blogger is a personal trainer whose goal is to help make women healthier through food/fitness and good body concept. The site provides lots of information like workout tips, power drink recipes, and product recommendations. You can get all of that and more at the weight loss blog.

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