What is Collagen and Should You Use it on Keto? – Slim Trim Shape

Considering that you chose this article, you must be familiar with the keto diet. But if you are not, then keto diet is a weight loss strategy in which you eat fewer carbohydrates but more fats. A lot of research shows that a keto diet is effective and thus has been used by a lot of people.

If you have not tried this type of diet yet, then you should ask your doctor first if your body is physically fit for it. Otherwise, you might end up getting its side effects. But if you already are undergoing the diet and you are wondering if you can use collagen during this time, then you have come to the right place.

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What is Collagen?

For starters, collagen is known to be an abundant protein in your body. It connects tissues in different parts of your body such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

Most importantly, collagen can give you a lot of health benefits. Some of these are the following:

This protein is actually a component of your skin. It can strengthen your skin and keep it dehydrated. It can also help your body produce more protein that can help in your skin’s fibrillin and elasticity. However, as you grow older, you tend to develop less collagen which can make your skin dry and form more wrinkles.

Did you know that your bones are comprised of collagen? It does! What is more exciting about this one is that collagen makes sure to give your bones structure as well as keep them strong.

Unfortunately, when you have less collagen in your body, you tend to experience bone-related conditions including osteoporosis. This is why it is highly suggested that you take collagen supplements to keep your bones strong at all times. Also, taking this kind of supplement can help you increase your bone mineral density.

Other than improving your skin health and keeping your bones healthy, collagen can also relieve joint pain. This is because collagen is known for maintaining your cartilage. But when there is less collagen in your body, you might have a higher possibility of having joint disorders such as osteoarthritis.

With this, doctors might even recommend that you take collagen supplements to prevent having joint pain. Or if you do already have joint pain, you can also use it for treatment.

Other health benefits that you can get from collagen are improving your heart health, boosting your muscle mass, and even weight loss.

Collagen and Keto diet

Research shows that collagen supplements are not that necessary in the keto diet. But, these make the process very easy. How? Studies show that collagen peptides can give you benefits such as:

  • Healthy joints
  • Youthful skin
  • Lower chances of getting inflammation
  • Bigger and stronger muscles
  • Stronger bones
  • Easier workout recovery

Aside from these, collagen has been known to be easily digested which can be great for weight loss. Other good reasons are that supplements can help give you boost in energy that you may need throughout the day.

Other Possible Reasons

The main cause of keto flu is the lack of vitamins in your body. This is because, during a keto diet, you have a high chance of having fewer minerals and vitamins which could weaken your body. Fortunately, you can take collage supplements for this. Not only will these keep you safe from keto flu, but these minerals can make your keto diet transition smoother.

Adding collagen supplements can also help you maintain your health. Since you will be taking more fats than carbohydrates, you will be needing these minerals to keep your body at its best.

As mentioned, there can be a chance for you not to have all the nutrients that your body needs during a keto diet. Considering this, you can take collagen supplements. These supplements can be an alternative for you to still get the required nutrients by your body.

How to Take Collagen Supplements

Now that you are probably convinced that you should take collagen supplements, here is a short tutorial on how you can take the supplement.

  1. Before anything else, you need to make sure that you are buying the supplement from a reliable source. Check the ingredients of the supplement and see if these do not contain fillers or any artificial ingredient. Be sure that these also do not have caloric sweeteners.
  2. The best sources of collagen supplements are fish, cows, and pig. Once you have found a healthy and reliable supplement, buy it.
  3. Add the supplement to your preferred beverages. It can be to your smoothies, coffee, and tea. You can even add it to some of your snacks including pancakes or cakes.
  4. If you want, you can add 1 scoop of collagen supplement to water and drink it entirely. It has a mild taste, so you will not even feel that it is already in your water.
  5. Drink the supplement an hour before or after your workout.
  6. Drink it as well during breakfast to keep your body full of energy.
  7. Drink it during lunch to control your appetite.

Do take note that there is a limit on how much supplement you can take in a day. In this case, make sure that you check the supplement first before trying. You can ask for help from your doctor if you wish to.

Another important thing to take note is that be sure that you will not have an allergic reaction to the supplement. Otherwise, you will just spend money on something you will not end up using.

In conclusion, collagen can be useful in a keto diet. It can help speed up the process if the diet as well as gives you other health benefits. Just be sure that the supplement that you are taking is safe and reliable.