Zinc Oxide Benefits and Side Effects – Slim Trim Shape

Zinc oxide is a mineral that has been long used in making various products. Packed with so many uses and benefits, it is also being combined with cosmetics since it has several benefits that can help the skin in so many amazing ways.

Over the years, zinc oxide has already proven its amazing properties in helping produce a lot of materials – electronic, chemical, and even household products. Even before, this amazing mineral was already usedto treat the skin by providing relief for wounds, burns, and more.

What is zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide is a white powdery mineral that from the name itself, comes from zinc. Since zinc is not a water-soluble agent, it still needs to be combined with other agents to maximize its effectivity. Similar to other elemental metals, zinc oxide also has the ability to help the body. Zinc is filled with many benefits that can help the immune system, the digestive tract, the brain, and the skin.

Even though zinc is a part of nature, zinc oxide still needs to be combined with oxygen molecules. These two should be heated and combined in order to produce the white powdery form of zinc oxide.

Due to continuous innovations, zinc oxide is now becoming more and more popular in the skincare industry. This is because zinc oxide is now an active ingredient in sunscreens, lotions, makeup products, and a lot more.

Let’s try to look at the 5 best benefits of zinc oxide

In order to combat acne issues, zinc oxide can be combined with other antibacterial or anti-inflammatory agents. According to research, the results can help make the appearance of acne less visible. It may also help lessen the duration of the healing period, the severity of the acne, and could even help kill bacterias and viruses that are causing the acne.

Zinc oxide is already proven to not only help treat acne, it can also deal issues with breakouts and blemishes. Being an astringent, this amazing mineral can also deal with oil production in the face, reduce inflammation, get rid of the acne-causing bacterias, clean excess oil on the skin, and even help clean clogged pores.

Zinc oxide however, may also make the skin immune if used for a long time. Some individuals who use products with zinc oxide reported that they stopped working after using them for an extended period. But in terms of combating acne and other bacteria-related issues on the face, zinc oxide can be relied on.

This benefit of zinc oxide is already common most especially on sunscreen lotions. We may happen to see zinc oxide as a common ingredient of lotions which claim could help protect the skin from too much sun exposure. What’s amazing about zinc oxide is that unlike other minerals, it can save the skin from “broad spectrum ultraviolet rays” or the UVA and UVB. Having said, it can protect the skin from not just only one type of UV light.

Due to this benefit, we can now see zinc oxide on other cosmetic products that contain a good amount of SPF such as concealers, foundations, BB creams, moisturizers, and anti-aging creams.

Some of the best sunscreens that contain zinc oxide is said to have at least 25 to 30% zinc oxide content which makes the product really effective in helping save the skin from damages caused by the sun.

Considering the benefits of zinc oxide in keeping the face from bacteria, this mineral is also helpful not only the face but also in the body. Having said, zinc oxide is now considered an effective agent in helping combat skin dryness.

Even before long ago, zinc oxide is also known for its traditional use in treating mouth sores and ulcers. Not to mention zinc is also an essential mineral in helping regulating enzyme functions that are both needed in the production of collagen and repairing tissues.

Aside from that, skincare products also include zinc oxide as an important ingredient since zinc oxide has the ability to reduce inflammation, redness, swelling, pain, and irritation.

As mentioned above, zinc oxide also helps the skin produce collagen. As a result, one can expect that zinc oxide is also effective in giving the skin a more youthful and glowing appearance.

In order to save connective tissues from damaging, the body also needs zinc oxide and other minerals for the synthesis of collagen that is also vital in collagen production. Some studies even suggest that zinc oxide has the ability to lessen the healing time of wounds for under 48 hours only. Zinc oxide also has the ability to help other active ingredients absorbed by the skin serve as anti-aging properties to keep the skin look younger than usual.

Another famous zinc oxide benefit is that it is an active ingredient in helping combat rashes and irritation most especially for infants who are prone to diaper rashes. If we try to look it up today, there are a lot of anti-inflammation creams that contain a decent amount of zinc oxide which is already enough to prevent redness and irritation.

There are now ointments that contain at least 5% of zinc oxide to help prevent infants from experiencing irritation and inflammation due to diaper rash.

Experts even suggest that the best creams and ointments that have zinc oxide are usually odorless or don’t contain any fragrance since they are not most likely to develop side effects or skin irritations in the long run.

Are there any possible side effects of zinc oxide?

Even though zinc oxide is considered safe and non-allergic in nature, our skin may react differently since we all have different skin types. It is important to be aware of the possible chances of the following side effects:

  1. Zinc oxide contains properties that are easily absorbed by the skin which can interact with the bloodstream. As a result, it could lead to toxicity and other side effects.
  2. Zinc oxide could cause chemical reactions on the skin such as redness, swelling, itching, and tingling.
  3. When not applied evenly on the skin, zinc oxide could also cause sunburns and damage to the skin.
  4. Zinc oxide could lead to other negative side effects most especially on individuals who have skin allergies.

Final words on zinc oxide

Zinc oxide has already proven its effectivity and special uses in so many ways most especially in skin and health care.

However, zinc oxide may not be that helpful or conducive on individuals that have too sensitive skin since this mineral is too powerful it could cause unusual chemical reactions.

Most especially if we’re dealing with infants and babies, it would always be best to consult a doctor first in order to know the proper consumption or application of the said substance.